Sep 19 2012 11:08am

Giant Bunnies! Martin Freeman! New Trailer for The Hobbit Revealed

New trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

A new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been released, featuring some epic action, lots and lots of dwarves, serious trolls, Radagast the Brown and his GIANT BUNNY SLED, and most importantly, Martin Freeman being amazing as Bilbo Baggins. Watch it below!

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
It looks so great! Happy they have Jackson directing. It looks like all the Lord of the Ring movies, as it should.
Unlike the Harry Potter movies that kept changing the overall look of the school because of their different directors.
Kristoff Bergenholm
2. Magentawolf
Is it just me, or do the dwarves not really look like how you'd imagined them to be? Thorin especially, I suppose.
Gerd K
3. Kah-thurak
To me, the dwarfes look like small humans. Which is the worst one can at this point in my opinion.
Darren Kuik
4. djk1978
We can only hope the giant bunny sled gets cut from the movie. What a terrible idea.
Lesley A
5. Lesley A
Oh, I don't know - I think the giant bunnies were quite fun!
And the dwarves have a lot in common with Klingons, I think.
Lesley A
6. Hedgehog Dan
Hedgehogs and the Stone Giants! I am already in! :)
Scott Silver
7. hihosilver28
It feels like I'm the only one getting less excited for this movie the more footage and news are released. At first I was a little nervous that Guillermo Del Toro was taking over from Peter Jackson for directing, but I was on board for a slightly different vision for the film. Then when I heard that Del Toro had to back out to work on his own projects and Jackson was back on, I was psyched. Martin Freeman was announced as Bilbo, which was perfect. Then the first trailer came out and was everything I hoped it would be. ...But then the announcement came that a stretched two-movie adaptation would be spread out even further over three movies. Considering that The Hobbit is shorter than any of the three parts of The Lord of the Rings, I am extremely skeptical at that decision. Now, with this trailer, I'm finding that none of my fears are allayed. I don't know why. It just feels different in tone, more action beats and less story or character beats. I'm still going to see all the movies, but I'm holding my breath that they'll be decent. Which makes me a little sad.
Lesley A
8. ClintACK
The very end of the trailer was reminiscent of "Nobody tosses a dwarf." And not in a good way. Haven't we gotten beyond the three stooges style of dwarf joke?

Then again, the audience for the Hobbit was originally supposed to be young boys... like I was when I first read it.
Lesley A
9. StrongDreams
the dwarf tossing jokes were terrible because they referenced stuff in our world (and stupid stuff at that).

I'll have to see it in context, but when you have 3 giant smelly trolls rampaging around a campsite, and dawn comes and they collapse, it's not so unnatural (maybe) for one of them to fall on someone else. (Why the troll fell over instead of turning to stone where he stands is possibly another concern, of course.)

My real complaint is having to wait 18 months to finish the story. If they have to make 3 movies, release them closer together, please.
Alan Brown
10. AlanBrown
I remain enchanted by everything I see, and eagerly look forward to the finished product. This tale is in good hands.
Bill Stusser
11. billiam
@ 7

I'm right there with you, hihosilver28. The more I see and hear the more I think WTF? A sled pulled by giant rabbits? Bifur has an ax blade stuck in his head and can't talk? Who is coming up with this stuff?

The thing that bothered me the most about the LotR movies (movies that I love despite the flaws) was the way that Gimli was used as comic relief. I was hoping that the dwarves were going to be treated better in these movies, but it doesn't look like it.

I am still looking foreward to seeing this movie though.
Lesley A
12. Seth E.
Here's what it looks like to me: Blue blue orange blue green blue orange blue orange dark blue green orange blue. Thank God Peter Jackson's back in the arms of color correction, where he feels safe.
Lesley A
13. dissembly
I honestly think I'm going to skip this one, due to Peter Jackson exposing himself as a scab (actively working against extremely modest demands from the actors union).

I mean, I don't beleive my ticket money would make a difference, and I don't even generally believe in boycotts as an effective way to make change, but if you live in Australia or New Zealand, Jackson just rubbed our faces in it. I just don't want to watch anything he's associated with now.

Damn it. Damn it!!

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