Sep 20 2012 1:45pm

Follow Your Dreams With Neon Pegasus!

After the brilliance of Space Stallions and Robot Unicorn Attack, we were fairly certain the well of equine-based fantasy kitsch had been tapped. But we were wrong, because we'd yet to meet Parry Gripp's song “Neon Pegasus”!

The art in the video is by Sarah Hampton, with visual effects by Ben Van Den Broeck. Take that, Cupcake Mountain! NEVER AGAIN.

David Lev
1. davidlev
That song is a lot more badass than it has any right to be
the Dormouse
2. the Dormouse
It really, really is.
the Dormouse
3. ben van den broeck
You spelled my name wrong :P
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
Sorry, sorry, sorry, Ben! We were obviously drunk on the power of the pegasus and typing like maniacs. Fixed now. Amazing work, by the way!

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