Sep 20 2012 2:30pm

Even the Borg Need to Brush Up on the Script. More Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Star Trek: The Next Generation

It's our second batch of new behind-the-scenes pictures from Star Trek: The Next Generation!

On October 1st, Abrams Books will release the latest in its popular 365 series. Compiled by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 is a beautiful (heavy!) volume of over 300 photographs and production sketches from the entire seven-year run of the show. (Currently being rewatched here!) For the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you some preview photos from this awesome book.

Today's include Locutus trying to assimilate his lines, a production sketch for an early Borg, and Beverly Cruhser looking to gate(s)-crash the Paramount Pictures lot. Click any image to enlarge. You can keep track of all the images here.



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Joseph Newton
1. crzydroid
It looks like he's reading the script for "Suddenly Human" so maybe he's working ahead. Or getting a first glance at the script.
Paula Block
2. Paula Block
Ahem....hate to be picky, but it's Terry J. Erdmann, not Erdman.

Paula Block
3. George Brozak

Just got the book, and tore right through it. I did some writing for the shows; but TNG was my first sale.

I'm still in constant touch with Jeri Taylor, and LOVED this photo and one of her with Patrick (and a photobombing Brent).

This was a great remembrance of my short time playing in the Star Trek sandboxes. Thank you!

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