Sep 17 2012 1:00pm

Adele Will Sing Skyfall Theme Song

It seems like all the stops are being pulled out for the new James Bond film Skyfall! Long rumored to be recording the new theme song, popular singer Adele has now been confirmed as the next artist behind the new 007 anthem, simply titled “Skyfall.” Notably this is also Adele’s first newly recorded piece of music since her 2010 album 21. Personally, we’re excited! Do you think Adele will deliver the next great Bond theme song?

1. Shaz
Yes! I think she will be fantastic, she has a great voice and sings with such emotion. The only problem is that her voice is so emotional to me, there's a chance I will be crying in the cinema before the film has really started!
I wonder what the song will be like? The last two have been a departure from the traditional style of Bond themes, but I think this one might be more of a Shirley Bassey style.
Alex Bledsoe
2. alexbledsoe
She can sing, but there hasn't been a great Bond theme since "Goldeneye." Here's hoping.

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