Sep 18 2012 11:20am

4 Year-Old’s Doctor Who Recaps Remind Us Who the Target Audience Really Is

Your Doctor Who arguments are invalid. 4-year-old Lindalee Rose has started recapping the newest season of Doctor Who, reminding us that the real point of the show is not to make sense or represent a variety of beings, but to make you so excited that you spin and spin and spin with your sonic screwdriver until you fall down.

We think she might be a genius. Here’s her recap of “Asylum of the Daleks.” (She’s also done “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” and “A Town Called Mercy.”) Naturally, spoilers throughout.

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2. Teena
That made my whole week!
James Whitehead
3. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Made me smile no end.

Tough little kid too. I remember watching Dr. Who when I was 6, John Pertwee, and these little fanged idols came to life & somehow killed people. Scared me no end. ;-)

4. ClintACK
Most awesome post of the week. Hope this is a continuing series.

Seriously, though, amazing that she was able to get so much of the plot. At that age, I was reading Green Eggs and Ham.

(Jeeze, the captcha's are getting hard... And then when I have to make multiple attempts, it tells me I'm doing them too quickly?)
5. Rancho Unicorno
Like others, I hope that this is a continuing series. Something, anything, to remind TPTB that DW that it's family TV. Sometimes, it seems to toe the line a little too closely.

Nothing wrong with being a little scared, but it should be something that a 4yo can watch and recap and we think, "how cute," not, "what kind of irresponsible parent lets their kid watch this?" Some of last season was closer to the latter than the former.

(my captcha wasn't bad at all)
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
Wow, what a bright little kid. And brave, too. I would have been behind the sofa, and missed the last half of the show.
9. Melanie Ivanoff
Awesome. I spent a weekend with my 7 yr old niece recently and i can guarantee Doctor Who would be better for her development than all the Disney channel live action junk she watched.
10. SueQ
I was watching westerns at her age (nobody gets killed in westerns, of course -- just joking). I was also watching Twilight Zone, because my sister is 4 years older and she and her friends were watching it.
The scariest thing on TV when I was 4 years old, though, was the news: the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Cuban Missle Crisis, etc.
I wish times had changed.

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