Aug 29 2012 6:00pm

Yet Another Avengers Deleted Scene Paints a Bleak Picture

Another deleted scene from The Avengers has made its way out into the public (That's like the third one in the span of a week. There must be some sort of Blu-ray/DVD coming out on September 25th.) and it sets an even bleaker tone than the deleted Maria Hill intro. Thrill as Captain America wanders sadly through New York City streets, looks up files on his dead (and not-dead) friends, gets called a moron by Stan Lee, then heads somewhere where he can punch something.

In all honesty, we quite like this deleted scene but are still glad it was cut. Fingers crossed that the next deleted scene isn't Agent Coulson reciting a poem about nihilism while facing directly into the camera.

(Joss, are you in a better place now?)

Bridget Smith
1. BridgetSmith
Most importantly, this clip reveals that Tony Stark is apparently 5'4". Thor doesn't seem quite as impressively large anymore.
Nick S
2. kukkurovaca
Introducing Ashley Johnson's character in this way at the beginning of the film would certainly have been an improvement.
Rich Bennett
3. Neuralnet
I like this scene a little more than the last one with Maria Hill since I really wanted to see how CA would adjust to modern life. But, glad they cut this out of the theatrical release. In the movie theater, I really just wanted to see the Avengers come together for some action.
Alan Brown
4. AlanBrown
Whenever I see deleted scenes, whether they be good or bad, it is usually pretty evident why they didn't make the final cut. This one was good, but would have slowed down the start of the film. It it was a new Cap movie, it might have worked, but in an ensemble flick, you can't dwell too long on one member of the team.
5. WiseMaknae
That's Whedon's voice as the narrator
6. kluelos
It tells me, "The video set is empty. No video data." Where's the clip?
Mig Archey
7. Quilld
I had the same experience kluelos did. What happened to the clip?

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