Aug 9 2012 12:30pm

What It Would Look Like If David Bowie Was In Game of Thrones

What It Would Look Like If David Bowie Was In Game of ThronesYou know nothing, Ziggy Stardust.

The first thing we thought after chancing upon this picture of David Bowie with wolves, after the general cloud of squeeing Muppet arms subsided, was that this is probably what it would look like if David Bowie was cast in Game of Thrones. That is not a wolf! That is a direwolf! And that is Bowie playing Ned Stark or Jon Snow or, who knows, maybe even Arya. (Maybe that’s how being a bad-ass works. Once you reach a certain point on the scale you just become David Bowie With Wolves.)

In any case, this is just the beginning. Click through to see the whole set.

What It Would Look Like If David Bowie Was In Game of Thrones

[via Funny or Die]

Sam Brougher
1. Azuaron
***spoiler for Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones through Feast for Crows***(Edit: whited out below; highlight to read)

We know Arya's being trained to be a Faceless Man (Woman?), so it's entirely possible that she could facechange into David Bowie in the future.
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
In related news, the staff is forming a site band just so that we can perform "John, I'm Only Dancing With Wolves" for our own amusement. Because someone has to.
ashley metzger
3. ashley metzger
..even Jaimie Lannister isn't THAT clean. Where's all the dirt? lame connection...
ashley metzger
4. nancym
Fabulous! In the last pic, I can certainly see him on the Wall...
ashley metzger
5. Mark J Olsen
With pinch collars. So lets abuse us some dogs for money. Hooray.

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