Aug 20 2012 6:00pm

What If Bane Took Over Hogwarts Instead of Gotham?

We want you to think about this very carefully: What if Bane were a wizard? Don't you think he'd be a little scarier than Voldemort? Don't you think that Hogwarts under his rule would be slightly more terrifying than Snape's time in the Headmaster's chair? He'd insist that everyone was the same now, and mix all the houses up. No, you know what, he'd close the houses permanently and students would have to sleep in window alcoves and on the Quidditch pitch. Or, you know, he'd blow up the pitch during the school's Quidditch Cup tournament. Yeah, this is way scarier.

The above image came out of an innocent question raised in the office today. We liked the idea of Bane breaking Hogwarts' spirit so much, though, that we began to imagine him in other places...

Click any image to enlarge.

Bane convinces the Fellowship to give up hope.


Bane attemps to break Watson's spirit.


Bane makes his case before the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the entire Dalek Parliament.


This one...this one we're still unpacking.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby is the reason that Dolores Umbridge is so obsessed with cats.

1. StrongDreams
Try changing the face in the picture he is holding to something more context-appropriate. Voldemort, or Harry Potter? Bilbo, Gollum, Isildur, or Sauron? Each different picture could totally change the interpretation of the scene.
3. icemike
bane would ensure everyone makes the quidditch team. afterall, it's not fair for someone to not make the quidditch team.

the sorting hat and houses will all be extinguised. only one house. afterall, it's not fair to be a hufflepuff.

bane would also take Harry's inheritence from his murdered parents. afterall, harry IS the 1%! that's not his money!
4. shallowbrook
I believe it's more fitting for Bane to be on the side of muggle-borns. Considering his affinity for equality and all. Maybe, he even lead muggles against wizards, make a pire out of wands... and then we'll have a Bane vs Voldemort epic battle.
5. parabola
Am I alone in remembering that his whole "equality" shpiel was a smokescreen. He just wanted Gotham in ashes. Promoting anarchy under the guise of "equality" was simply another way to crush Batman's spirit.

I know, not pertinent to the discussion...
6. Magda K
No, parabola, I agree with you, completely. In fact, it leads into one of my peeves about The Dark Knight Rises ... which is irrelevant to this post!
7. graftonio
Could Bane have Harry use magic to change his mask into something that doesn't make him look like a goat?
James Whitehead
8. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
I have to agree with 5parabola & 6Magda K honestly. After seeing the movie Alfred's words of someone wanting to watch the world burn fit nicely for Bane.

Anyway, Hermoine would put him in a full body curse & that would be that, wouldn't it?


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