Aug 28 2012 4:12pm

We’re Glad The Avengers Didn’t Start This Way

The upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of The Avengers will include this deleted scene, an interview between the Shadow-y Council and SHIELD Director Maria Hill. The scene was originally intended to begin the film but we have to say that we're glad Whedon cut this, as it gives Avengers an ominous tone that the film really doesn't earn. We want some superheroes to tear the place up. That's why we came to see the movie!

Maybe Joss will save the intent of this scene for Avengers 2?

2. Tumas-Muscat
That was too sombre an opening for what would have come next. So, yes, I'm glad Avengers didn't start out this way too.
3. Firegoat
Agent Hill was created with a spent fuel rod up her butt. Everything she says about Fury and Superheroes in general should be taken with an entire box of Sifto. That said, yeah, seeing this at the front of the movie would have been depressing and pointless.

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