Aug 23 2012 6:00pm

We Can All Be Tony Stark Now With “The Leap”

Sorry, we're about to freak out a little: it comes from seeing all of your future-dreams realized well before you thought they had a chance at reality. See, this company called Leap has a brand new toy for your computer, and it's going to change the way we interact with technology. Which we're generally in favor of.

See that little guy below? The thing in front of the computer? That new thing is called the Leap. And it's gonna make us all into genius billionaire playboy philanthropists.

The Leap is a gadget that turns eight cubic feet of space around your computer (that's just about any computer, this is not owned by Mac or Samsung or any of those companies) into a 3D interface for you to interact with your machine. Now you can pinch, grab, push and pull things on your screen as though you are reaching into the computer, instead of just swiping and tapping. Or pointing and clicking. It can recognize more delicate instruments as well, like pens and chopsticks.

In short, you are Tony Stark. Now they just have to make the holographic interface, and we'll be all set. Can we have it? Please?

You can preorder it here for $70 (which we think is nice and resonable considering how cool it will make you look), but the real question is—how long before all computers interface this way? How long before we're all using them to make our wildest 3D dreams come true?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby and JARVIS are old buddies. They trade stock tips.

Ian Tregillis
1. ITregillis
Holy crap. If that's for real, then... holy crap.
2. Bibliotropic
Holy crap, I want this!
Steven Halter
3. stevenhalter
It looks like it is for real. It claims to be able to track movement to .01 mm accuracy. It could be quite wonderful. Or, as Ian and bibliotropic said, "Holy crap."
4. stargazer
I'm going to to go with the flow here: Holy crap! Between this and the real life flying speeder bike that was posted the other day, it's shaping up to be a pretty cool year for "the future is now". Oh, and don't forget that a flying saucer just landed a nuclear powered robot laser tank on another planet. That also rocks.
5. Halcyal
To reiterate upon my compatriots here, holy crap.
6. TheMadLibrarian
DO WANT. Holy crap. Wonder what the system requirements are? Undoubtedly it will take a 4 kellakam processor with a duotronic matrix.
Steven Halter
7. stevenhalter
@6:They are saying that on a "nothing-to-write-home-about" PC it uses about 5% of the CPU. Since they support Windows 7, that implies a fairly generic machine will be quite useable...
Joseph Newton
8. crzydroid
Golly, Mars is another planet, isn't it? Link for the speeder bike, please.

This looks pretty cool. It could be annoying for some things, pinching and grabbing everything, especially depending on how sensitive it is--but I may be only thinking that because I am used to traditional human interface devices. Heck, I don't even have an ipad.

I think the holograms are a ways off though...I'm not up on current holotechnology, but it's my understanding that we can't create spontaneous holograms that aren't from film or that don't have some sort of back plate. I seem to remember an arcade game at one point that made use of holograms, but it was in this big dome and I think had the plate underneath it. So I don't think there are any clues yet as to free-floating holograms that just hang out in the air and don't have any kind of back or fore surface to project onto/from.
9. Megaduck
Not to be a party pooper but I think this makes a nice trick but won't be that fun to use. I have a touch screen laptop but I rarely use it because holding your arm in front of you for hours on end is tireing. I normally just use the mouse so my arm can rest on the table.

Maybe we'll all get more exercise using this?
Ian Tregillis
10. ITregillis
@4: Oh, and don't forget that a flying saucer just landed a nuclear powered robot laser tank on another planet.

For a second there I laughed because I thought you were making a joke. And then I realized, no, wait, THAT REALLY HAPPENED.
Mike Conley
11. NomadUK
Megaduck@9: I agree with you about the physical aspect of these sorts of things. Conductors have amazingly strong upper bodies and arms, from having to hold their arms up and wave them about for hours on end. Could be good aerobic exercise, though.

Still ... I have to confess: holy crap.
12. Pixites
Holy Crap it is
13. Jes-Wan
If this is what's open to the public... think of what the military has! Oh, by the way, they 2 hovercraft in Africa. Holograms? Just a compact forcefield generator away. Blasters? Have 'em. Very close to star wars.
lake sidey
14. lakesidey
@8 crzydroid: Yes, pinching and grabbing can be annoying for the one being pinched and grabbed....but relax, it's only a hologram.

As for the device itself, all I have to say is....consecrated coproliths!

16. Amandap
Holy crap! I knew all those years of playing video games while moving the controller (pre Wii) would pay off!
Scott Silver
17. hihosilver28
@4: Oh, and don't forget that a flying saucer just landed a nuclear powered robot laser tank on another planet.

stargazer, you my friend have won the comments. Congratulations. :)
18. kb_run
The only thing I can to "Holy Crap!" is "Shut up and Take My Money!"
19. Halcyal
@8. crzydroid

A link to the speeder bike (admittedly, also some pretty cool stuff), where you'll find their offician development/video blog:
20. BoogerFree
Too many comments express way too much excitement. We all knew this was coming. Are you really surprised by this?
21. xSUBn
Well we all know deep down that Jesus is coming back too, but I'm still excited about that. : ) Addressing the issue of fatigue using the Leap...there will be a natural balance that you learn to strike between functions you want to do using the mouse and those with the Leap. Some gaming would be very lame using this as the system would have to constantly recalibrate on your hands and may lose positioning and some games are just too complex like my fav Street Fighter (a dummied down version of the controls will kill the precision and fun). But this is phenominal for a presentation or a flying game. xSUBn ({-_-})
22. JerryW
Let's see how long before Apple sues this into exclusivity. They must have done it first. I see rounded edges and black glass!
24. StupidIdea
Holy crap... my arms are tired.

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