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Two Possible Titles for Third Hobbit Film Surface Online


Two Possible Titles for Third Hobbit Film Surface Online

According to The One, New Line Cinema has registered the following titles:

  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Now, this is by no means confirmation of either of these being the title of the third Hobbit film, but they seem to be possibilities. What are some of your hopes and suggestions? 

[Fan made image via The One]

Rancho Unicorno
1. Rancho Unicorno
I preferred the report/comments from today's morning roundup regarding domain registrations - A Riddle in the Dark as the second movie, with There and Back Again would be my choice.
Rancho Unicorno
3. Herb983
Hobbit 3: But You Still Need to Buy the Extended Version to Truly Appreciate the Story
Rancho Unicorno
4. Tehanu
Neither The Desolation of Smaug nor The Battle of Five Armies would be the third film. By the logic of the story and what PJ has said about using the material in the Appendices, that would have to be the second film.
Rancho Unicorno
5. StrongDreams
I will be rather grouchy if I have to wait 3 years to see one Hobbit story told. Acceptable options:
1. Tell the Hobbit story in 2 movies, leaving the third for appendix material.
2. Take 3 movies but release them in quick order (Memorial Day-Labor Day-Christmas)

Rancho Unicorno
6. Gardner Dozois
I suppose THE HOBBIT: MAKE MORE MONEY is right out.
Constance Sublette
7. Zorra
Why does Jack$on need three movie$ to tell the $tory of one $hort prequel to a trilogy whose $tory he told in three movie$?

Re-reading The Hobbit some months back -- skipped a lot of it due to dull factor. A work that seems child directed, it was never the kind of work that Tolkien accomplished in the three volumes of Lord of the Rings.
Michael Poteet
8. MikePoteet
I don't like the inflation to a trilogy, but if we must have a third film, how about (in keeping with the first two films taking language from the book itself), The Hobbit: In a Wide World? (As in Gandalf's last line to Bilbo.) It would be more or less a paraphrase of Gandalf's sentence (with the franchise title taking the place of "quite a little fellow") and would also highlight that the tale is being told against the larger Middle-Earth context (ripped from the appendices -- insert Mike Post's Law & Order "chung-chung" here).

Although I suppose we could also go with Bilbo's last line itself and have, The Hobbit: Thank Goodness (That$ Over)!
Rancho Unicorno
9. SF
@4 Tehanu: That's still unclear. It's unclear how he plans to incorporate the material, which material is going to be incorporated, and whether or not he's going to spend more time on material from The Hobbit itself.

If he uses more material from the Appendicies across both films 2 and 3, spreading it out, what was film 2 could expand to be films 2 and 3, with Smaug in film 2, and the Battle of Five Armies in film 3. Right now, that's just as likely as finishing The Hobbit (the novel) in film 2, and then reviving the idea of a bridge film for film 3.

I'd guess he'll be expanding film 2 into films 2 and 3, rather than just tacking material onto the end and making that film 3. Just a guess, though.
Warren Ockrassa
10. warreno
The Hobbit: Please god, enough already
Rancho Unicorno
11. Bolg
Well, it could be The Hobbit: Now I Have You Hobbituated ...

Seriously, are we going to go through the Long-Play version of Thorin's Captivity in the Dungeons of the Elf-King Thranduil? Day by Day by Day by Day ... ?

Now, I'd suggest the first filim be titled The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure

The second filim be titled The Hobbit: Riddles in the Dark

The third filim to be titled The Hobbit: Back Home Again

Seriously, I would not have made three films out of one slim book.
alastair chadwin
12. a-j

I suspect that the reason you find The Hobbit to be 'child directed' might be because it was written for children.
Dave Thompson
13. DKT
Wow, I hope neither of those are the actual title. They sound more like video game tie-ins...
Tim Marshall
14. smaug86
I like The Hobbit: The Road Goes Ever On. It keeps in theme with the first two subtitles, but I understand if the studio wants to go with the other 2 sexier(and more violent) sounding subtitles.
Tim Marshall
15. smaug86
@#11 it's not just The Hobbit. There's all kinds of material taken from The appendices to the LOTR as well as some stuff newly added to tie it in better to LOTR. Also, the titles for the first 2 films are already locked in and come directly from the Hobbit.
Rancho Unicorno
16. Dajoran
Die Hobbit with a Vengance.

The Hobbit Reborn.

Revenge/Return of the Smaug.

The Hobbit of Ascension.

The Dwarf Knight Rises.

A Hobbiton Wedding.

Hobbit of the Titans.

Godhobbit III.

Back to the FuShire Part III.

"Hahaha - I will make 310 pages span 9 hours of screen time!": The Peter Jackson Story.
Rancho Unicorno
17. Mathias SD Gath
Three movies? Cool. Don't you people have any sense of fun? There is plenty material from appendices, etc, to tell more story. Lighten up everyone. Just enjoy the ride.

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