Aug 16 2012 6:00pm

The First Frankenstein Movie Was Made in Edison’s Bronx Studio... in 1910

We suppose the first film version of the unforgettable Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein could have a weirder pedigree... This 1910 film was written and directed by a guy named J. Searle Dawley and was shot in Thomas Edison’s studio! The part when the creature first comes alive is amazing.

We saw this over on Boing Boing. Watch the whole thing below the cut.

1. Phlebas
Love the special effects.
"How do we film it coming alive?"
"Well, coming alive should be the reverse of something dying."
"If I burn it, it's dead!"
"Let's play that backwards"
Joseph Newton
2. crzydroid
It looks like the cards were redone.

Very intersting film though. Still going with other film interpretations though, in depicting the creature as a monster and ignoring a good chunk of its personal struggle. Though I did just see the 1931 one, and I found that the monster came off as sympathetic in that, if not intelligent.

I thought the construction of the creature here was interesting, because my recollection of the book was that the creating was more ambiguous, and that he somehow constructed it, rather than sewing dead bodies together. I want to reread it though.

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