Aug 25 2012 11:30am

Space Stallions is the Best Fake 80s Cartoon We’ve Ever Seen

And out of the mists of the internet came Space Stallions, the most amazing thing you'll ever see.

Space Stallions doubles as a school film project from The Animation Workshop and as a cartoon parody of any 80s kids cartoon you can think of. Space horse gods will be questioned. Horse power will be used against the forces of evil. And someone’s sword will turn into a keytar!

Experience the glory of Space Stallions in full by watching the above video. Then visit the Facebook page of the creators to show your appreciation. And try not to yell, “Answer me!” at any horses you see afterwards.

Stubby the Rocket will team up with the Space Stallions any day, any minute, any time.

1. KLGaffney
O. M. G. This is the best cartoon I was never raised on.

I am totally feeling the force of that rainbow keytar.

(Also? I love how they're ALL stallions--even the lady. Lady-Stallion! Awesome. I miss animation school.)
Eric Craddock
2. ebonecircus
Someone please give these people as much money as they need to make this a feature film or a weekly series. Please, for the love of Mother Mustang!
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Thanks, Chris (AKA Stubbs in this case.) Now I have to do my Space-Stallions-on-Repeat movie marathon...again. FULL FORCE!
Michael Grosberg
4. Michael_GR
What was the name of that 80's cartoon were they rode robot/cyborg horses in space? I think the good guys were some sort of... space marshals? I dimly remember their outfits resembling civil-war era garb. they also had sabres.
Bridget McGovern
5. BMcGovern
@Michael_GR: Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, maybe? I'm trying to remember if I ever actually watched this show as a kid, or just desperately wish that I did :)
6. bakedleech
Almost perfect! The only flaw is that it's too well animated. Look how fluid and natural the movements are - these animators obviously learned something about anatomy and animation (unlike creators of any given 80s cartoon).
Michael Grosberg
7. Michael_GR
@BMcGovern: possibly! Although while watching the youtube video, I noticed these other intros on the right:

Both of which are ALSO horse-themed space-western cartoons - how odd to have such a specific premise repeated three times in such a short time!

All I remember is that it replaced some japanese anime I liked, and that I occasionally tuned in hoping to see some cool giant robots and spaceships - it was set in space, after all - but all I ever got was horses (in which I was completely uninterested at the time, since horses can't transform).
Sara H
8. LadyBelaine
That might be the bext thing I ever saw.

I want to marry it and have its children! Thundercats! My Little Pony! Jem and the Holograms! Kid Video! Silverhawks! Voltron (pick one!) I even think we have a dash of Galaxy Rangers in there! (for those who question the existence of Galxay Rangers, it was hard to find, but it was cowboys in space with robot horses and specialized powers (the chick was a telepath, of course) up against an Evil Space Queen... I think I only saw like three episodes and then it disappeared.

Anyway - Swoon.
David Lovely
9. DaveQat
There was also a good bit of Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light in there, too... My god, I think I just had a joygasm.
10. haggs
Needs annoying kid sidekick. And a Good Alien to show not all of them are evil monsters.

Hmm Give it a fish boy named Sting Ray.
Paul Lewandowski
11. Snowkestrel
As cool as it was, why do I feel like the only channel tha would pick this up would be Logo?
Michael M Jones
12. MichaelMJones
This needs an entire season. Preferably on Saturday morning, NBC, 1984-1985. And a toy line. I would buy that toy line so much.

The only problem is that the animation is -too- good for the '80s.
Chris Long
13. radynski
@10: I think you missed the little flying console screen. He's clearly the annoying side-kick.
Eugenie Delaney
14. EmpressMaude
Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head ;)

I love the allusions to all the cartoons mentioned above - but Optica just looks like She-Ra to me :) True stoory - I totally named my cat She-Ra when I was little.

Also, is it just me or did those dudes all have quite the packages? For what is ostensibly a pastiche of a children's show :)
Ian Tregillis
15. ITregillis
@BMcGovern: I absolutely did watch The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers as a kid. Honestly I never missed it, because it was AWESOME.

I mean, not Space Stallions awesome, but pretty great nonetheless.
16. Sãmira Bastos
I wish it wasn't only a project y.y

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