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Show Us Your Tentacles: A Lovecraft Art Meme

Matt Black, H. P. LovecraftIt doesn’t take looking at too many portfolios before you realize artists love tackling Cthulhu’s tentacled madness. Back in 2009, being then a newbie to the Old Ones, I asked a bunch of artist friends: Just what is it about Cthulhu and Co. that makes drawing, painting, and sculpting from Lovecraft so (If fun is the right world?)

On today, H. P. Lovecraft’s 122nd birthday, hear what Michael Whelan, John Jude Palencar, Mike Mignola, Bob Eggleton, and others have to say on the topic. And then add your own! Post any Lovecraftian or tentaclian inspired art (doodles by non artists count, maybe even more so) in the comment section—horrify your friends, worry your love ones....


Lovecraft, Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan: Yes, I was your typical disaffected American youngster, born in the 50s and living the bland suburban lifestyle in California. But as soon as I began to read HPL it all became clear, my destiny unfurled before my eyes. My parents may have protested otherwise, but I know my REAL parents were of the Elder Gods, lurking in the dark, hideous yet powerful beyond all human comprehension, waiting patiently for blasphemous dark rites to loose them upon the Earth again. And I—yes I!—could perhaps be the one to paint the passage enabling their frightful return to power! So I became one of the elect, a set of acolytes dedicated to limning the shapes of nightmare, laboring by night and day to realize the key to the doorways between dimensions. Ah, the pits of Nyarlathotep! The dark labyrinths of R’yleh! The monstrous three-lobed eye!

Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow. First, however, I have this deadline to meet....


Cthulhu divider


Mike Mignola, H. P. Lovecraft

Mike Mignola: The appeal of drawing Lovecraft creatures? Some of them are beyond human comprehension—that’s always a challenge. Other, the one he really gets in there and describes the hell out of (like those barrel-shaped guys with little wings and wiggly eyes on stalks in Mountains of Madness)—well, they sound kind of silly. It’s fun to see if you can make something like that look scary.


Bob Eggleton, Cthulhu

Bob Eggleton: I think what I love about Lovecraft is the weird, dark, modern mythology, if you will. Living around Providence inspires it no end; after all, he lived here. What’s odd is that not many Rhode Islanders know or care about that. The fame seems external, from elsewhere in the world. Lovecraft successfully combines a gothic horror with a dash of science fiction in a way that really hasn’t been done since. It’s inspired, but not...repeated. His dark elder gods are truly frightening visages. Of course, the most famous is Cthulhu, which I have depicted here in a painting that took some inspiration from Arnold Bocklin’s “Isle of The Dead” series of paintings. My plan is to do much more in the way of Lovecraftian images and I was very happy to be part of the Centipede Press book The Art of H. P. Lovecraft published in 2008.


Joel Harlow, H. P. Lovecraft

Joel Harlow: The works of H.P. Lovecraft have influenced my art, dating back to my youth. My father and I would haunt the used bookstores of Denver. Me, searching for anything by Lovecraft. To this day, the musty smell of used books conjures up images of unseen horrors.

It is this concept that truly inspires me. That there are beings whose mere appearance is enough to dissolve the sanity and reason of the observer. To try and capture that in two or three dimensions will always be the elusive goal.


Matt Black, H. P. Lovecraft

Matt Buck: The thing that draws me to Lovecraft the most is the scale and range of his vision. Nobody does terror on a cosmic level like Lovecraft did. Reading his stories made me feel like the most minute, insignificant, pathetic speck of dust in the scope of all of the monsters inhabiting his universe and trying to claw their way into our consciousness. He also had the ability to make the other end of the spectrum just as frightening by injecting horror into even the most mundane of things. Normally something like a smell isn’t particularly scary, but the way he described a simple odor left me thinking two things. First: Damn, that’s scary. And second: How the hell did he just make me afraid of a smell?!

The level of detail he put into his stories left me, as well as many others, feeling that the poor fellow might have actually believed in his monsters (although his letters do indicate otherwise). I like to think that he didn’t make any of his tales up, but was actually unfortunate enough to have been the only person who could see the things he wrote about. I tried to get across that certain “touched in the head” quality in my portrait of good ol’ H.P.


Cyril van der Haegen, Lovecraft

Cyril van der Haegen: The fact that he created his amazingly scary world in the beginning of the 20th century, when Poe was deemed “horror” and people fainted at the sight of a mouse... He invented a truly new genre of psychological horror that was unheard of at the time, yet remained ingrained in the social psyche and is still being copied in numerous media forms today: The horror that cannot be understood nor explained is such a great concept.

Also, the fact that I live in Providence myself: It certainly is true that the Old Ones have descendants in the area.


Stephen Hickman, H. P. Lovecraft

Stephen Hickman: I like to try and illustrate Lovecraft because of a perverse streak in my psyche that seems to be attracted to things that are virtually impossible to do. And illustrating Lovecraft is the next best thing to impossible—like the late Roy G. Krenkle used to observe, the most interesting characters in Lovecraft’s stories are invisible and smell bad. Apart from the fact that you can pan the Lovecraft Mythos for occasional literal scenes, like my painting from The Temple [seen above], Lovecraft is best approached from the “illustrate the metaphor” angle. The two sculptures I did with Bowen Designs are an interesting way to do the whole Mythos at once, a delightful aspect I discovered by accident. And basically, Lovecraft’s stories are so charmingly quirky that, even apart from the challenge they represent, they are difficult to resist.


John Jude Palencar, H. P. Lovecraft

John Jude Palencar: I’ve always thought of H.P. Lovecraft as a bridge between Hawthorne and Poe in the past, and King, Barker and others in the present day. Although, there are no trolls under this “bridge”... rather a malevolent twittering presence that is waiting for the unsuspecting traveler crossing it.


Jason Van Hollander, H.P. Lovecraft

Jason Van Hollander: Piranesi and Lovecraft were poets of architectural decay. They were preoccupied with the alchemies and poetries of time. HPL’s depictions of rotting New England villages, misshapen streets, grotesquely formed dwellings reveal his particular dilemma: These cruel and contorted geometries are indistinguishable from the emotional disfigurements of the author. Architectural fantasias, poetically or artistically expressed, are a metaphor for a sense of deranged interiority...a dilemma that I thoroughly understand.


Viktor Koen, H. P. Lovecraft’s CuthuluRising

Viktor Koen: Just the other week a colleague warned me not to create any pictures that include creatures with tentacles, since everybody and their mother are doing it this year (like antlers last year and bird legs the year before) but I couldn’t resist.

How I found myself devouring the pages of an H.P. Lovecraft short stories book, I don’t remember, but this is when Cthulhu entered my head. From attempting to pronounce the monster’s name out loud until I get it right (I still don’t know for sure) to obsessively photographing octopi hanging to dry in the Greek islands, I can see the effect the beast can have on a poor soul, including mine. I find Lovecraft’s ability to describe the effects his creatures have on people and their surroundings, breathtaking, not only because he has a way with words, but mostly, because he knows what to leave blurry, mysterious and open to interpretation. This diabolical ambiguity in his story telling reminded me of the way Jorge Luis Borges activated my imagination. Two years ago I asked my students at the Masters of Illustration as Visual Essay at the School of Visual Arts to wrestle with Cthulhu for an entire semester, now it was my turn.


John Picacio, H. P. Lovecraft

John Picacio: I’m curious how much or how little it takes to make a great Lovecraftian image. Some of my favorites by other artists are ridiculously over-the-top, while others are potent because they show just the right bits and allow the audience’s imagination to create the fear. The more I work in this field, the more I realize just how much contemporary dark fantasy and horror art is influenced by Lovecraft. Those tentacle roots run very, very deep.


Dave Carson, Lovecraft

Dave Carson: Being an artist with a love of both the macabre and H.P. Lovecraft’s tales I suppose that I would have to be some kind of daemon swineherd not to want to illustrate his work. Surely only a hopelessly degenerate artisan could fail to find inspiration in those wonderful nightmare-spawned tales? And such inspiration! There’s batrachian loathsomeness, squamous blasphemy, leprous hideousness, fungoid unholiness, and eldritch horror. There’s Cyclopean cities, decaying seaports and yawning mould-caked tombs. And then there are the wings, and worse than wings....

H.P.Lovecraft’s stories have been on my bookshelf since I was around nine years old. I am now fifty five years old and have never tired of them, and I always find something in them that makes me want to put pen to paper.


John Coulhart, H. P. Lovecraft

John Coulthart: When I was 15 it was the incredible density of atmosphere, the peculiar diction—Cyclopean, non-Euclidean, eldritch—which made pictures in my head. I wanted to try and fix those pictures on paper. When I was 25 it was realising that this was visionary work, cosmic in scale and sublime in the Romantic sense. Old Howard: He’s the boss.


Okay artsy peoples — anyone out there willing to share? Below you'll see the additions from when this article originally appeared in 2009. Feel free to add your own images of slimy tentacle bits in the comments below, be they pro, fan, or post-it note doodles.

Irene Gallo is the Art Director for Tor Books.

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Irene Gallo
1. Irene
I suppose it's unfair of me to ask others to participate without putting myself out there. Behold, the dreaded Jack'thulhu!

(My reference.)
shawn escott
2. shawn escott
Shark Attack!!

shawn escott
3. Sam Bosma

I spent a semester illustrating Lovecraft's novella "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," and although it only briefly mentions Cthulhu himself, I thought I ought to share.

I've always been attracted to the basic idea of horror too great for the human mind to handle that is central to so many of Lovecraft's stories. So many of his creatures are based on the fundamentally scary concepts of asymmetry and that which is incomprehensible.

The best pieces from my Innsmouth series are in the portfolio section of my site:

and the whole series and progress work is on my blog: here
shawn escott
4. Kiriko Moth
How about mechanical tentacles?
Jason Juta
5. JasonJuta
This is an older work, but I'm still quite proud of it. Lovecraft is horror at it's best - love it!
shawn escott
6. Cyril v.d. Haegen
Less tentacles!

More Spaghetti!

shawn escott
7. Kyle T. Webster
How about a GalloThulhu?

shawn escott
8. Lars Grant-West
I've always cherished Lovecraft's work.

I also live near Providence (the , but more importantly, near the ocean. There's nothing better than walking along the shore to see what the deep dark ocean has seen fit to eject onto land.

Compared to many modern novels that go overboard to explain the ins and outs of some technology or other, Lovecraft's science is little more than some vacuum tubes and lights which, when cobbled together correctly, somehow manage to do things like exchange consciousness with alien beings across the empty void of doesn't need just is.

The best part is that in this world, science is little more than a false ray of a lanternfish's glowing lure in the cold deep ocean...

The Lovecraft mythos describes a flavor of evil that is entirely different from the biblical brand. The Bible and most other religions are about a struggle for balance...Lovecraft's world is a whole different kettle of squid. Lovecraft created a reality where evil is a massive edifice of cold dense stone with a watery coat of badly peeling goodness slapped on here and there in a doomed attempt to brighten the place up.

Now how can that NOT warm your heart?!
Paul Abbamondi
9. pabba
These all rock!

He's a fun little cartoon I drew a month ago, combining two loves of mine:

Jason Henninger
10. jasonhenninger
I either lost sanity while making him in Play-Doh, or lost sanity and then made him. I'm not sure. (Sorry this is so gigantic!)
Todd Lockwood
11. ToLo
I live way far away from Providence, but that's where my dad was born and raised, so it's in my genes. You would think I would have more tentacle in my art than just this one lonely image. At least the guy is freaky-Lovecraft-thin, and is standing in front of a three-lobed ... thing:
Bruce Jensen
12. Bruce_Jensen
Scott Brundage
13. ScottBrundage
The beast dreams for centuries. That's a sedentary lifestyle and it has its consequences.

Aimee Stewart
14. Foxfires
An update of an older piece I created a few years ago. And truly, I don't know if a courthulusan is a good thing, or a bad thing. Probably...not good. lol

Irene Gallo
15. Irene
Ahhhh...thank you all for being so generous. This is great!

Kyle - I'm teary-eyed!
shawn escott
16. sgettis
Not to burden anyone with my own terrible drawings but I have a collection of various art types drawing their favorite literary figure and Lovecraft has been done a few times...

Bruce Timm

Francesco Francavilla

Saverio Tenuta

and the rest of the collection at if one were inclined for a gander.

matt Severin
17. mattparkerseverin
I only had a few minutes to corrupt this childhood favorite.

shawn escott
18. Paul Carrick
WOW!! I'm so thrilled to have stumbled across this much great great art and insight. Though I don't know most of you, we all share a strange path.

IA! IA!!
Angel Banchev
19. Tiranas
I read Lovecraft immedeatly after finishing Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. I`ve always had heard from a lot of teachers and friends how Tolkien and Lovecraft have done so much with their stories and oh boy was i in for a surprise there. One of the miriad things that i loved about Lovecraft is that mind-scrambling, make-you-hide-under-your-blanket evocative prose. I can count the authors who have had the same effect on me on the fingers of one of my hands. There is just not many others like him. What i`d like to share though is something that was originaly put on SciFiWire during Helloween. They had this thing where they put a list with Helloween related stuff and this is just one of 14 Chtulhu inspired merchandise. Some of you people may have stumbled upon that list, but i thought that this pictures best represents how all penetrating and popular Lovecraft`s stories are...

And if you`re up for a laugh and a bit of a searching frenzy for some slippers here is the link to the list itself :

P.S. Mr. Defendini or Ms. Atkinson, I apologise in advance if i have breached the comments posting rules, but i am sure that you too are gonna wish for a pair of those slipers there :)
Michael Dashow
20. mdashow
I've always appreciated how the Cthulhu mythos was at once an entirely modern construction - taking place in the environs of my native New England rather than, say ancient Greece - yet at the same time spoke of or hinted at events unspeakably ancient, like forces of the universe that we could never truly comprehend. And I like the way much of what Lovecraft wrote about was too alien to even describe so he knew when to leave more up to the imagination. But of course the artist in me still wants to try to drag them out into the light and depict those creatures and events anyhow.

gabor cs.
21. whoisnot

Just a Lovecraftian exercise in surreal digital book cover design and photomanipulation, from 2006, first uploaded at deviantArt. (No, there's no such book. Fortunately.)
Charlie Athanas
22. Charlie_Athanas
Since joining WildClaw Theatre a couple of years ago, I've gained an intense appreciation for Lovecraft. WildClaw is dedicated to bringing serious horror to the live stage and the challenge for me has been to convey that respect through my marketing illustrations. I was also the set designer for The Dreams in the Witch House and I gained a mindbending lesson in trying to put Lovecraft's other 4 dimensions on stage.

And here is WildClaw's first Ctholiday greeting card.

Irene Gallo
23. Irene
Wow! I want to play Cthulhu Pictionary with all of you. All of us going insane, yelling unpronounceable names, and scratching out tentacles as fast we can.
Jeff Preston
24. oldschoolillustrator
Great...I get an image in my head and can't do anything until I get it out of my system and sketch something out. Thanks a lot Irene, there went my afternoon! ;)

Obviously Lovecraft and urinal stage fright has left me with issues!
david ellis
25. davidellis
Great topic. Cthulhu has always been one of my favorite things to paint.

shawn escott
26. Luis NCT
Drawing tentacles, terrific and unnombrable otherdimension things always is fun... and some of those primeval creatures are cool musicians too, vibrating their sounds in few space and time dimensions at a time.
shawn escott
27. Matt Buck
shawn escott
28. AndrDrew
I, sadly, am no artist. But in 2008, during my local Fringe theatre festival, there was a lovecroftian marionette show.

It was called Aethernomicon, by the Watch and Spectacle Puppet Company. If I remember rightly, it featured madness-inducing world-devouring Elder Gods a-sleeping in space, and knife-wielding puppet-corpse-things.

and it is on Youtube!
shawn escott
29. Mark Molnar
I always wanted to create an illustration about the god of monsters. I started this quite a while ago and its funny I just posted it up on my blog before Thor`s announced this Cthulhu month. Its still work in progress, but I thought I share it. :)


shawn escott
30. *Scott*Altmann*

Cover I did for Seamus Cooper's "Mall of Cthulhu" published by Night Shade Books. I think Lovecraft fans will get a kick out of it.
shawn escott
31. Samuel Araya
Always loved Lovecraft's writing, he is my favorite writer ever! Here is one image I did today...

shawn escott
32. Danial
I'm a cartoonist, and HPL's creatures provide a wealth of weirdness. As with most people, Cthulhu is always a fav!
Ture Ekroos
33. ture

Same as many others here, I love the way Lovecraft combines the modern world with something too vast and ancient for the human mind to comprehend.
shawn escott
34. Steve Dismukes
I've taken a lot of inspiration from HP Lovecraft's work - what's been interesting is seeing Cthulhu getting assimilated into geek culture - from a sanity-blasting horror from beyond time and space, to an adorable and iconic squid-faced monster.

This is a slightly more whimsical treatment of the mythos from Timmy and the Mi-Go, a children's story I was toying with writing and illustrating a while back.
shawn escott
35. Chuck Lukacs
Cthu-Fly don't bother me.
Fun little homage from my book Fantasy Genesis. =)
Stephen H. Segal
36. earthling
Of course we have Steven Archer, the guitarist/songwriter from the band Ego Likeness, who did 250 tentacly Mythos-inspired mixed-media paintings for Weird Tales this past year:

Mike Dominic
37. MDominic
Lovin' Lovecraft month, and especially the art in this thread. Nothing firest the imagination like the man from Providence.

I grew up in a squamous small town on the far east coast of Canada, about a hundred yards from the ocean. Many a night I would lie awake and listen to the Deep Ones cavort among the waves while the Shoggoth on the roof played a merry dirge.

Here's an unused piece I did for Derek Pegritz's now sadly discontinued online mythos novel, "City of Pillars".
shawn escott
38. Exirtis
Okay, this is more graphic design than illustrative art, but am I the only one who makes this connection when they see the hulu logo?

Not so much a comment on the company as a sound/image association with its name.

Oh, and for disclosure's sake, I quickly whipped up the above with assistance of an SVG file from the Wikipedia entry on hulu (i.e. it's a modification or derivative work of someone else's logo duplication).
shawn escott
39. Lydia Burris

And something a little more silly!

I've also done a Cthulrilla. heh
Angel Banchev
40. Tiranas
Wow. The Cthulhuphant is just cool beyond words :) I second Ms. Galo`s Cthulhu Pictionary Proposal. That would be worthy for the Old Ones to get a few of their tentacles in a bunch :)
shawn escott
41. el forastero
This is my little participation... inspired in a personal shrot story set in Bolivia, in Ticicaca lake...

shawn escott
42. JonFoster
shawn escott
43. Liv Hathaway
I have to laugh at the image at the very top, the illustrator is in my class :)

larger version here
shawn escott
44. TonyShasteen
Great thread! I love all the Cthulhuey goodness here. I did this Cthulhu Tales cover for Boom Studios. Something about the tentacle on an eye just creeped me out.



shawn escott
45. Peter Fairfax
Cute girls and tentacles. How could they not go together (in a weird but totally innocent way)?

Irene Gallo
46. Irene
You guys are all amazing. Seriously. I was terrified of making this a jam post — I was worried I might be a girl alone in a room with a party hat on. Instead ya’ll have made these few days fun-scary-cute-frightening.
Tyler Davis
47. killerjello
Lovecraft is spooky, he's vague, he's detailed, he uses lots of cannibalism and extends his creepiness beyond the realm of human understanding. His literature is fun to work with because of the challenge. Also, who doesn't like work with tentacles? A silly question, but how the heck do I post an image? I'm a little techtarded...but if you are interested, my image I wanted to post is here:
48. Andrew
Oh wow, amazing post and art! I'd love to have all of these as wallpapers for my desktop, but sadly these are too small. :( Any chance of make that happen, Irene? :)
Irene Gallo
49. Irene
@47 Killer, and anyone else having trouble:

All you need to do is place an image tag before and after the URL of your drawing. If you are using Photobucket, or something similar to place the drawing in your blog, it would be:
Irene Gallo
50. Irene
Hey Killerjello - just poking around your website. Did we meet during a school visit? I know I've seen some of your work before.

Jason@ 10: there is something about the scale issues in that photo that make it really freaky. And, you should patent a cthulu play-doh fun factory.
Tyler Davis
52. killerjello
Shoot, I can't get it to work. I used the tag and it posted the link. Oh well, everyone else who was able to get theirs up, they all look awesome. I really liked 8, 20, 21, 31, 42, and 35. What a great bunch of tentacle faced ancient ones, you'll all be eaten with little pain he'll be so pleased.
Irene Gallo
53. Irene
Sorry about the complications, KillerJello. I was presumptuous and posted it here. (He's too cute a wee hatchling to leave out.) If you rather I didn’t, drop me a line.

shawn escott
54. hillergren
I have been hooked on Lovecraft since i was a kid. It is hard to put the finger on what it is that is so fascinating about his stories but they have influenced my work very much. Here's one drawing and a maquette that I made a couple of years ago.

You can see more photos of that maquette (different angles) in my portfolio
S.M. Vidaurri
55. SMVidaurri
This is my contribution to this awesome post. Not exactly cthulhu, but it's Mike Mignola's Lovecraftian amphibian character Abe Spaien.

shawn escott
56. ChrisBarber
shawn escott
57. Elliot Crosby-McCullough
I'm no artist, but my submission to The Bugle's Audio Cryptic Crossword included this doodled addition to the weather map:

Eirin Saeves
58. Eirin
Elliot @ 57.


That's brilliant.
shawn escott
59. Tom Taggart
shawn escott
60. Kagato
This was one of a set of cards I did for a local convention.

shawn escott
61. Mike Dubisch
Hi all. Simply put, Lovecraft and the Cthuhlu mythos are the cream in my cannnoli. Here are some of my paintings of the man and his monsters:
Evan Jensen
63. eoghanacht
Hrm. Tentacles, surely. Cosmic horror? Depends on if this guy knows whence these glowing things come.

shawn escott
64. Chris Nichols
Huge fan of so i wanted to do my own version in 3d. A mountain sized Cthulhu seemed a bit intimidating so I went with a foot high with all the menacing evil of the original conception.
Tara Chang
65. tlchang
I've been immersed in the land of children's fantasy illustration more-than-full-time for the past several years. As a result, I fear I may have possibly lost the ability to do scary/creepy images for the time being.

Regardless, I have decided to *embrace the cute* and do a little drawing of Cthulhu as if he had been requested by my current bout of sparkly art direction. I give you Fairy Cthulhu:
shawn escott
66. Chris Chuckry
I've got a couple to share. First, a fun Cthulhu inspired trick or treater.

Then a piece I did for the most recent World Horror Convention, inspired by reading "The Dreams in the Witch House."
Colleen Parker
67. GibbousMoon
I'm away from the internet for a few days and I totally miss the cool stuff. Totally he Music of Erich Zann is one of my favorite stories, obvs not so much centering on Cthulhu but none the less awesome.

Hope that worked. If it did than w00t. Sorry it's grainy, my scanner is evil and hates scratchboard. Everything on here looks pretty sweet.
shawn escott
68. kbk
Sooo, yeah, this is artlike... A friend of mine runs a Cthulhu RPG night for his birthday every year. Last year, the setting was The Love Boat - cruise of DOOOOOOOOM.

A friend and I decided to cater the event "midnight buffet" style. You know those crazy buffets they used to have on cruises? Ours looked like this:

Midnight Buffet on the Pacific Princess included shrimp mousse in salmon shape, make-your-own Honeybaked ham sandwiches, pineapple boat fruit plate featuring starfruit, strawberries and edible flowers, one-bite jello desserts in peach and cherry, cupcakes with Buddha hand presentation, watermelon kumquat plate, and orange slices with a garnish of bitter melon, rosemary, avocado, apples, Thai eggplant, coconut and winter squash. Ice sculptures and brain mold accompanied.

These little guys started turning on each other about half way through the evening. Oh the humanity!
shawn escott
69. JD Lenzen
Inspired by the elder gods of Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu and my girlfriend (who absolutely adores the Cthulian mythos)


Moles = the race of characters I paint.
Steve Richards
71. stevedkrichards
I was actually unaware of this meme until today, but I have been working on this for the past week or so. I did this for a class I am taking with Stephen Player at the Academy of Art University

At the Mountains of Madness
shawn escott
72. Hubert Czajkowski
Works from Lovecraft's world. You can see more illustartions on my blog.
Kathleen J
73. tanaudel
At the Mountains of Madness was my first Lovecraft - he had me at 6-foot tall, blind, albino, cave dwelling penguins.

A very rough sketch layout:

shawn escott
78. Susan Sanford
Colleen Parker
79. GibbousMoon
For those of you in the NYC area, if you like Cthulhu/HPL and you like psychobilly/rockabilly/good ol' fashioned rock n' roll than you should check out this band...

The Arkhams!
shawn escott
80. bcarman
I'm always johnny come lately. Cold an Cthulhu season. Believe I feel like this.

shawn escott
81. Nate Goullette
A bit late, but I thought I'd join in on some Lovecraftian fun.

Irene Gallo
82. Irene
No such thing as late, guys, teh internets are forever!

I love that we know have:
weather map
and okra and salmon

What's next?
No cloth/knit version yet, Im surprised.
Beach sand?
Interpretive dance?
Richard Booy
83. Incarnadine
Some very cool work in here. May have one of my own soon to share.
shawn escott
84. Duncan Long
Some amazing pictures here folks have shared here... Thought I'd add my two-cents worth (if I can figure out the code)....

Freelance illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, American Media, Fort Ross, Asimov's Science Fiction, and many other publishers. See my illustrations at:
shawn escott
85. Alyrenee
Here are some little plush old ones that I made as thank you gifts for an event at my horror theatre company, Wildclaw Theatre...
shawn escott
86. Paul Rivoche
Fascinating to see all the varied imagery here.
I grew up on a slowboil stew of Jack Kirby, Chris Foss sf art, Jack Kirby, Frazetta, Berni Wrightson, many others, and yes, reading some a teen, I was attracted by the darker and inexplicable side of things. My drawing was created in that sort of Lovecraftian mood...
shawn escott
87. Rhett Thomas Nelson
Some great work images. It's kinda big, but here is mine.
Shreya Shetty
88. Iridyse
Tentacle monster baby is scared!
shawn escott
89. Lythron
Here is a digital manipulation I made years ago. I've been meaning to redo it for a while now.

And my buddy Dan Harding has made two Lovecraft inspired paintings. You can see more of his art here:
Dan Harding Portfolio

"The Monster"

"Pickman's Model"
shawn escott
90. Mark Simmons
So many awesome works here, and I've been hesitant to add my own quickie sketch. But as long as people are still posting, I can hope that I won't be the very last one.

shawn escott
91. lythron
Another friend that does amazing lovecraft inspired works. His site is
and here:

David Arshawsky
92. Arshawsky
I adore Lovecraft for the consistency of his Mythos.It seems to validate the nightmare as a gateway to other dimensions.The artist's mind as a shortcut across time and space to places where Man is insignificant and worlds unseen by human eyes are conspiring to cross over!

David Arshawsky
Nadine Brun
93. Danniebrown
Hi there!

My name is Nadine, I have never read Lovecraft and actually don't know anything about Cthulu (?) but I have a little doodle to share.
It's a doodle I did back in December last year. I'm not very sure how to post images here, so I hope it'll work.
I thought the idea of this thread was brilliant and there's very very nice things here. :D
(sorry for the big size)
Shot at 2009-12-13
shawn escott
94. Zelda Devon
Would this count?
shawn escott
97. Steve Somers
When crude oil hit an all time high I knew there was only one reasonable explanation.

shawn escott
98. JLacera

GAH!! So much Lovecraft love/art is inspiring and maddening!!! His appeal to me has always been his near mainstream appeal. His themes of horror and isolation are totally relatable yet his work (in my opinion) has never truly reached critical mass but it's been mined by the mainstream for years and years, it's like he's all around us and we don't even know it...
Lisa Grabenstetter
99. magneticcrow
What lovely, horrific work. I'm sad that it took me so long to stumble upon this thread, though I shall still share a couple of my own Lovecraft-inspired pieces.

'Cthulhu before R'lyeh'

'Tentacled Horror'
Jay Trefethen
100. jaytref
Here is one from a lesser known Lovecraft story, The Terrible Old Man

Sort of Lovecraft's idea of Mr. Rogers.
shawn escott
101. J.B.Lee
Here's a pen and ink Cthulhu I did about 10 years ago, I guess...

And here's the most recent Cthulhu to come from my "pen," which was influenced by playing Tangerine Dream's "Rubycon" repeatedly until I finished the thing. Which DOESN'T mean 'once or twice'.
shawn escott
102. Khyarete
This first image is of an etching that I did for my Printmaking class in college at the request of my boyfriend who is really into H.P. Lovecraft.

This second image is of a Cthulhu statue that I also made him in my Ceramics class. It's a bit rough, but I really like the deep sea green glaze that it has.

shawn escott
103. Greg Manchess
shawn escott
104. Jorge Mascarenhas

Not really Cthulhu here...but it's on everyone's head!
Jay Trefethen
105. jaytref
A Non-Euclidean Christmas Tree -

Merry Christmas everyone.

Merry Christmas H.P.

And Merry Christmas Irene!
shawn escott
106. David Still

Someone should do a coconut cthulhu..
shawn escott
107. Jay Montgomery
I love this blog post! Here is my contribution of Skulloctopus!

I also created a while back a collection of Octopus Ladies I found all over the "intertubes". I keep seeing more and can't keep up!

In one of my classes I teach, my students favorite assignment is to put their own spin on putting a octopus in their illustration.
Kathleen J
108. tanaudel
So I was unpacking Christmas decorations tonight...

shawn escott
109. OliverMeinerding
Great stuff! Tentacles are always great!

shawn escott
110. Chantaru
I'm a bit late but I have to add mine too!
This is a paintover of a picture I took of writer Roger Lemelin's bust.

This is from a picture I took at the same graveyard as above...
shawn escott
111. Guillaume TIRET

Guillaume Tiret Blog

shawn escott
112. Kirsten Brown
For me, the fascination with Lovecraft's mythologies is the liminality of it all, the idea of pushing through, intentionally or no, into something alien and wrongly angled and Not Here. It's been a favourite theme since I started drawing, even though I've only fairly recently delved into his works.

My DeviantArt page has a lot more, and more specifically Lovecraftian pieces, but this is one of my favourites.

shawn escott
113. Magfhy
Commissioned work for the Maison d'Ailleurs.
shawn escott
114. Capestrano
All the best, everyone!

shawn escott
115. Knobody Important
I've had way too much fun looking through all of this delightfully Lovecraft-esque art. Really. Way too much. I can feel the last remnants of my sanity sliding away into the black depths of the abyss.

Which has in turn led me to want to upload something cute and silly that I did over the summer when first experimenting with my tablet. He's stuck dreaming for so long, you think he'd get a little hungry. You should hear some of the questions I'm asked as a high school junior when I end up doodling Cthulhu in the margins of my tests. Thank you, Lovecraft.
gabor cs.
116. whoisnot
here's one more :)

for a wallpaper-sized version pls click the image (doing so will take you to a deviantart page where you can download a 1024x768 and a 1280x1024 version, if you want to.)

merry xmas and/or happy holidays, everyone!
shawn escott
117. Brad W. Foster
What a great idea, seems like every artist has at some point tried to interprete the adjective heavy prose of Lovecraft. I mean, how can you NOT want to see if you can do a picture of "impossible angles"? I've got three different takes on HPL and his work from past years, ranging from a straight-ahead try at Cthulhu, to a portrait of the master (tentacles always required!), to the usual goofy play we all end up with. Hope you like them!

Irene Gallo
118. Irene
Just a week left in "cthulhu month" and you all continue to be awesome!

Of course people are welcome, in fact encouraged, to keep posting forever, but I'm sure the momentum will soon settle happens to all posts. So let me just say a big "thanks" now to everyone participating and everyone checking in to see th sights.

Ya'll have _made_ the month for me. ;-)
Irene Gallo
119. Irene
Below is Greg Ruth's drawing for his amazing 52 Weeks project. He does a quick ink drawing each week -- anything without a commission, anything he fancies at the moment. If you sign up for the mailing list, it's like getting a mini emailed birthday present every week in the shape of a slightly creepy but also beautiful koan of an image. And you can often buy the drawings from his Etsy shop.

I'm a big Greg Ruth fan so I asked if I could swipe the drawing for this post.

His Lovecraft commentary:

"To write of a universe divorced from the Victorian era mindset of an overarching morality in which we as a species are supreme through pulp fiction was shocking indeed back in those days. And yet we cannot imagine the genre of science fiction or horror without seeing the seeds of his vision, however bleak, everywhere. So much of his fiction could be read today and easily mistaken as totally contemporary. No mean feat in our overly sophisticated and embittered culture... or rather it just took us a few decades to catch up to him. So take a moment and get your octopus on with some classic Lovecraft before the year ends- you'll not regret it."
Irene Gallo
120. Irene
I don’t mean to stack the deck on the last day of the month (and decade) but I love that this post is chock full o' visiual lovecraftian inspiration -- so, just make things one-stop shopping, below is some of the Lovecraft artwork we have featured throughout the month outside of this post:

Scott Brundage inadvertently started our “December Belongs to Cthulhu” by showing us his Cthulhu Santa and asking if we could do anything with it:

Carl Wiens super creeped-out image for Charlie Stross's Christmas party Laundry story: Overtime:

Brian Elig teamed up with Jason Henninger on a series of Lovecraftian poems. And a "Mad Libs" which _is_ an insane idea. There are 6 of these, all equal parts charming, brilliant, and funny -- be sure to check them all out: I Speak Fluent Giraffe:

Brian Elig also got to take a crack at Neil Gaiman's very funny I, Cthulhu:

Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, together Teetering Bulb, created the atmospheric short comic The Tempest Wakens:

Tim Bower painted his image for Nick Mamatas's Old Ones goodbye in Farewell PerformanceE:

And, Marc Simonetti graciously allowed us to offer his R’yleh cityscape as a desktop wallpaper giveaway:
shawn escott
121. JHoffman
I hope I can post these here still..
Lovecraft was one of the earliest influences from my childhood, my dad first introduced me with a collection of short stories, he said,"I really think you will enjoy these, there right up your alley." He was right, my favorite still being the first Lovecraft story I have ever read, The Outsider.

shawn escott
122. Israel Galindo
Wow, terrific art! Nice to find kindred souls. Some of mine here:

Thanks, all!
shawn escott
123. Dean Kuhta
Wow, this is an amazing collection of Lovecraftian artwork! I have always been inspired by Lovecraft's writings.

Based on At the Mountains of Madness:

Cthulhu inspired drawings:

Irene Gallo
125. Irene
Great additions, guys.

And thanks for keeping the post alive!
shawn escott
126. Andrew Martin
love the art work posted here. A sculpt I did based on Shadow over innsmouth.
shawn escott
127. 4ofSwords
Well, this might be a few weeks late and a bit too tongue-in-cheek compared to some of the excellent art here, but I felt I should share anyway:

shawn escott
128. New-to-HPL
Just recently "discovered" HPL. Great stuff! Don't know how it escaped my reading for decades. Here's my contribution:
shawn escott
129. C.S. McDonald
Cthulhu is always fun to draw especially around election time.

My website
shawn escott
131. FluxPickle
Cthulhu Cookies...this may not be illustration, but they were still pretty tasty.
Irene Gallo
132. Irene
Oh, man, Cthulhu cookies!? I just ate a huge dinner and now all I can think of is cthulhu cookies.
shawn escott
133. Edoardo Velli
I hope Azathoth doesn't swear and curse too much for this shy attempt to..ehm..dissect one fo the Great Ones

Irene Gallo
134. Irene
Because tentacles are never out of season...I was emailing Ian Miller about other things and, for kicks, he sent along:
shawn escott
141. Marco Caradonna
Well, I just discovered this post and I have to share my contribution as well
As many others here I grew up reading HPL novellas and I was sincerely impressed bi his writing style: his own vision of horror was,well, cosmic and so the feeling he were able to inoculate in the reader.I clearly remember one afternoon I was reading "The Whisperer in the Darkness"alone at home, and toward the end of the novella(which feature one of the best climax in the sci-fi literature imo)one of mine old drawer suddenly snapped(old wood's things sometimes do this) making a lot of noise and make me rolling out of the bed like a real idiot...
This is my little contribution to HPL and our beloved Great Old One Cthulhu,a Conceptart sketch daily challengeheavily HPL influenced:

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration
Santiago Casares
142. Santiago
I just found this really inspiring post, and couldn't help and pitch in with my own take of Lovecraft.

Santiago Casares
shawn escott
143. JORGE alhaits
shawn escott
145. Jason Sorrell

This was done for an "art marathon" a few years ago. Time was of the essence. I love the evocative imagery that the writing of Lovecraft and those he has influenced create through their works.

Check me out at
shawn escott
147. Jason Sorrell

This was done as a spoof of the "OBEY" Giant and the "Jesus Is Risen!" marketting of some Christian Churches. This is about a 3X5" sticker.
shawn escott
160. Zachary Whitten
This is on my left leg:

We call her Cthulha.

She was drawn and tattoed by the amazing Vanessa Waites.
shawn escott
164. Martin Pikkaart
i did this portrait for my graduation project about old horror writers
shawn escott
165. Mattias Adolfsson

Your glory days are over mr Cthulhu, see the complete story at:
shawn escott
167. CAVUM

I was working on a comic and then I felt like making this one.
shawn escott
169. David Seidman
This is a great thread... couldn't help but to contribute a piece of my own Lovecraft inspired tentacle fun!
shawn escott
170. Aaron Kelly
and the link:
Stop traffic! Terrify the neighbours!
shawn escott
171. victriviaqueen
My husband is somewhat obsessed with the old ones... we have a human-sized sculpture on our lawn... it's for sale...

You can see more of his tentacle-based madness at
Irene Gallo
173. Irene

Hey Travis, Looks like your image was eaten up. Was it this one? ‘Cause it's a beut!

From the Art of Travis Lewis:

shawn escott
175. Eric Lofgren
There's some incredible and fun work in here. For myself, right from the start I was gobsmacked by the idea of HP's cosmicism. The whole notion of horror deriving from deep explorations into unknown sciences rather then from a spiritual source really resonated with me and still does to this day. "We live on a placid sea of ignorance and it was not meant for us to voyage far." :)
shawn escott
176. Malcolm McClinton
God I love illustrating tentacles. I think they are the perfect marriage between graceful beauty and the alien and other worldly, being wonderfully tantalizingly creepy.

Image was done for the cover of the Encyclopedia Cthulhu Mythos published by Elder sign press

shawn escott
177. bcarman
Sucked me again Irene.
A little Reanimator Cthulhu remix.
shawn escott
178. bcarman
Forgot my site because I know the demand for zippered bunnies out there.
Robin Hildick
180. zabraxus
My wife did a series of Lovecraft pics for her senior thesis in Fine Art in college. Below is one example.

Here is her website:
shawn escott
181. Joel Hustak
Alot of awesome Lovecraft art here! Thought I'd join in and share a Lovecraftian illustration of my own.
shawn escott
182. Tumas-Muscat
How come no-one remembers Cthulu's appearance in Atomic Robo (Volume 3: Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time) as literally bursting out of Lovecraft's head?

Margarita de Santa Teresa
183. lobotomink
shawn escott
185. T Lewis
That's him!

Thanks Irene.
Yvonne Eliot
186. Yvonne
A friend not only does Cthulhu artwork himself (including the poster for last year's Lovecraft Film Festival in LA), but he's indoctrinating the new generation of cultists....
shawn escott
187. Christian N. St. Pierre
A page from the journal of an unfortunate traveler...

Christian N. St. Pierre
shawn escott
190. LoveTheCraft

An eldritch sight indeed!
shawn escott
191. LoveTheCraft
Where did my other drawings go???
shawn escott
192. HankRoberts
The tie!
The Christmas tree ornament!!

Where's the CafePress link???

Tentacles are tugging at my WALLET ...
shawn escott
193. ernie rau

Clayed Clayed
194. Clayed
Lovecraft Figure

the original sculpey clay sculpt

shawn escott
196. Marco Caradonna
Here's my latest effort.
Hope you like it.

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration
Stuart Williams
198. CthulhuJewellery
This is a pic of my Cosmic Horror necklace:
Loads more lovecraftian jewellery at my site:
Curt Chiarelli
199. CurtChiarelli
Ia! Ia!

My relationship with the works of H.P. Lovecraft date back to when I was fourteen years old and read "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" for the first time. The Old Gentleman From Providence hooked and reeled me in and I've never been the same since! And that is a very good thing!

Here is a small selection from a much larger portfolio of original Lovecraftian character designs/illustrations I've prepared. I hope you enjoy them.

Timothy Tylor
200. OneRatNoWall
I always thought Wilbur Whateley was the most interesting character in Dunwich, and I always liked Dr Seuss...

And I have yet to find a depth I will not sink to in pursuit of a cheap gag...
Toby Hynes
202. redbranch always wanted to make my own version of HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu. I've tried to follow his description as '"A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and forefeet, and long, narrow wings behind." Cthulhu has been described as a mix between a giant human, an octopus and a dragon, and is depicted as being hundreds of meters tall, with human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back'. I added the Triceratops style mantle to his head in order to give him a bit of Pre-historic majesty. I also kept his wings long instead of 'rudimentary' as I felt small stubby wings would diminish his scale. The base mesh was built in Max - sculpted and textured in Mudbox - decimated in Zbrush and finally rendered in with Vray back in Max.
shawn escott
203. Darren Ashlin-Watts
Lovecraft Mythos always influences me someway and gets my imagination flowing. My Scariest moment is playing Call of Cthulhu in a Cemetery, mad experience don’t do it. I drew this Glyph I hope you like it. Daz

shawn escott
204. Darren Ashlin-Watts
The Deap One

shawn escott
205. Chiara_DF

Illustration made for the exhibition: "H.P. Lovecraft Party"
shawn escott
206. ankh
They call them "tendrils" ....

So how far out does a guy have to go toward the edge of this solar system to get a few aeons of uninterrupted sleep?

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