Aug 21 2012 2:20pm

Sergio Toppi, 1932-2012

Sergio Toppi, 1932-2012Pioneering Italian cartoonist Sergio Toppi passed away today. Toppi is most famous for his work on Collezionista, but his cartooning on Blues and Little Big Horn was a major influence on countless American comic artists. Simone Bianchi (Wolverine) is just one of many who cited Toppi as an inspiration. The comic book and illustration community has lost a legend. Sergio Toppi was 79 years old.


You can read more about Sergio Toppi in Gregory Manchess' remembrance of the artist and his style.

[News via Comic Book.com]

1. mllehetenue
1932-2012 = 79 years old
2. Arduino
Mille grazie, signore Toppi. Che riposo in pace.
3. EGauvin
Not to be vulgar and hawk wares at a funeral, but rather to report a happy posthumous event: the book pictured above--an absolute wonder--is now available in English, from Archaia, as of last November. I was reading over proofs when news reached me of the author's death.

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