Aug 1 2012 3:30pm

Read the The Quantum Thief for $2.99!

From now until the 4th of September, in the United States you can purchase the ebook version of Hannu Rajaniemi’s debut novel The Quantum Thief for just $2.99! Released by Tor Book in 2011, The Quantum Thief was highly praised for its originality and readability.

Charles Stross had this to say: 

“The next big thing in hard SF. Hard to admit, but I think he’s better at this stuff than I am.” 

Get it for $2.99 at these or your favorite eBook retailer.

Amazon / B&N / Apple

James Davis Nicoll
1. James Davis Nicoll
The Quantum Thief was highly praised for it’s originality and readability.

James Davis Nicoll
2. Joe Parrish
If i did not already own the book this would be great but I have owned it since it was available here in the US and had gotten a hold of a english copy before that. Just reread it about 2 months ago and keep finding something new every time. Can not wait until Fractal Prince in September. If you were on the fence about this book you can not go wrong at 2.99.
Sean Fagan
3. sef
Well, gosh. I already owned the hardcover, but this was too good a price not to buy the ebook. So I have done so.

James: Looks like they already corrected your twitch-inducer.
Clay Blankenship
4. snoweel
Tried the preview. It had me at game theory. Bought.
James Davis Nicoll
5. pskye
Yer all a bunch of filthy enablers, ya know that?

But now I'll get around to reading it much sooner!
James Davis Nicoll
6. Petar Belic
I read this when it first came out.

Highly recommended.

Also, if you are a World of Warcraft veteran, there are some parts of the book you will understand completely, otherwise you will be reading about a new 'culture', which is good, too!
Steve Taylor
7. teapot7
This one left me baffled - I read it because everyone in the entire world loved it and found myself bored and irritated. It is indeed full of ideas, but in a "trying far too hard" way. Still - that's just me. It's obviously ringing bells with a lot of people.

Big hurrah for Tor's new DRM free e-books. Tor, and in a slightly different direction Baen, are doing exciting things with modern publishing.
Randy Orrison
8. rorrison
"in the United States"
Sigh. I hope when Tor brings out their own promised DRM-Free ebook store, it's not similarly limited to a minority of potential readers.
Cathy Mullican
9. nolly
Also available at this price through IndieBound stores which sell ebooks!

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