Aug 21 2012 4:30pm

Pirate Cinema Sweepstakes!

The excerpt's up and you can't wait another day — but that's okay! We've got ten copies of Pirate Cinema to give to you, and all you need to do is enter in the comments below. You might win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) August 21, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET August 24, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Beth D.
1. Beth D.
Cory Doctorow? Count me in!
Ray Radlein
3. RayRadlein
This is my comment! There are many others like it, but this one is mine.
Beth D.
4. Brian Tracy
Winning is fun; or so I've been told.
Beth D.
5. Teri L Anderson
I'm in! Hurry!
Beth D.
6. Ade Couper
Love Cory Doctorow's stuff!
Beth D.
8. Kate Tucker
Sign me up to win!
Beth D.
9. Renee Carter Hall
Crossing my fingers...
Beth D.
11. moonsent
Would love a chance to win.
Beth D.
12. Rob W
Doctor Oh is the man. All hail Doctor Oh!!!!
Beth D.
13. wsull
doctorow great writer love everything he does
Beth D.
15. Insu Hong
I should get it. I love him, and I'm translator (Eng-to-Korean) specialized in SF genre.
Beth D.
16. Gern Blandston
"Inigo! I hope we win!"
Beth D.
18. Kyle Carpenter
I might teach Doctorow in the near future. I'd love to get a free copy of his latest in the mean time!
Beth D.
19. Dennis C.
Wow, I'm in!
Beth D.
20. ChaosTheThird
Count me in!
Beth D.
21. dsk
Please sign me up. Thank you.
Beth D.
22. wally_245
Can't wait
Beth D.
23. pete lenz
New Doctorow!
Beth D.
25. Marc Roland Pitre
Would love to win a copy!!
Beth D.
26. JaredForsheyThisAlias
Just finished Makers. Sign me up!
Beth D.
27. brand M
Comment, comment, comment, comment, comment!
Beth D.
27. IanByrd
Count me in!
Beth D.
29. the bob corrigan
I would love to win, but just to be clear, I'm not prepared to do any "weird stuff" to win. I'm just saying.
Beth D.
30. Craig Falvo
Look good. Can't wait to read it!
Beth D.
31. Philip ONeal
I like winning. I like Cory Doctorow's writing. Help make these two things conceive
brain babies.
Beth D.
32. GeniusMusings
Could I get a Pirate copy?
Beth D.
33. Alexei Ovtcharov
Although I follow Cory on Twitter and he already tweeted the entire book, it would be nice to have it in a single piece.
Beth D.
33. riterbynite

banana pants
Beth D.
34. stealthisbook
You know how you read an excerpt and then want to keep reading? Damn you marketing! Sign me up!
Beth D.
35. eric kam
yay! (in advance) thanks for the book
Beth D.
38. MagicPeaceLove
Include me in! I will ride the Doctorow fan train all the live long day!
Beth D.
40. zzk123
count me in! I'll probably buy one even if I don't win, though.
Beth D.
41. Emile Snyder
Hmmm, auto-comment-posting script execution in 10... 9... 8...

Beth D.
43. Mike Costall
If I win you can disqualify me for not living in the States.
Beth D.
44. some call me Tim
I'd love a shot at one!
Beth D.
45. Hal W.
Cory Doctorow? Of course I want to win. Can't wait to read it.
Beth D.
47. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Beth D.
48. Dayan Ballweg
Count me in!
Beth D.
49. TuckerC
Love his writing style!
Beth D.
52. Robin Witte
Looks good! It'll go on my list!
Beth D.
53. Jaclyn Reynolds
Sounds like a great read!
Beth D.
55. Mago
I would love a chance.
Beth D.
56. Mia C.
I wonder if sacrificing a goat will increase my chances of winning? Now, where to get a goat...
Paige Vest
57. paigevest
Freeeee boooooookkk!!

I'm totally in. :o)
Beth D.
59. Frank M. Errington
Cory Doctorow? By all means count me in.

Paul Eisenberg
60. HelmHammerhand
Would it be terrible to say I have a Doctorow appointment? Yes, it would.
Jeremy Goff
61. JeremyM
I haven't read any Doctorow yet. This would be a great way to introduce me to him!
Beth D.
64. Mao
This is how I enter a contest. You're welcome.
2 shows nightly.
Beth D.
65. Scott Jordan
WTF! it's 2012, 21st century, this is the Interwebs so why just the US .

America you are so last century.
Beth D.
66. eric’s alias
This is one I would definitely like to win...
Beth D.
67. debbie lord
count me in
Beth D.
68. nidaros
Yes! Please!
Beth D.
69. lightkeeper
Sign me up
Beth D.
70. dqw
Let's all pretend I wrote something clever. Me want book.
Beth D.
71. Matt Comstock
Here I offer up personal information in return for a miniscule chance to win something. I guess I learned nothing from Little Brother.
Beth D.
72. Ron M
Been looking forward to this one!
Beth D.
73. politeruin

'Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law.'

Beth D.
74. glohub
I am a HUGE fan of Doctorow and am thrilled to learn that he has a new book out. Thank you for supporting and promoting his work!
Beth D.
75. Nana5675
Sign me up! I'd take one :)
Beth D.
76. HankBidu
Sweetness. This would look great in my hand!
Beth D.
78. Wes Umstead
Beth D.
79. Jim Hill
Gimme! Gimme! Book! YES!
Beth D.
81. Brianschell
Am I a winner yet? Huh? Huh? Am I?
Beth D.
82. James Riley 1603
I would make a witty comment, but I'm sleepy. I'll just roll the dice and hope for book...
Beth D.
83. Nichole Anne
Please pick me!! Thank you for the chance to win!!
Beth D.
86. Guy "CouchGuy" McLimore
I remember when Cory first mentioned this novel on his podcast, lo these many moons ago! I've been waiting impatiently ever since then to read it! Soon...
Beth D.
89. ChrisEinhaus
I would like to win!
Beth D.
88. Aurora Celeste
I've been waiting on this book!
Beth D.
92. Bill Stewart Again?
New novel from Cory? Count me in!
Beth D.
93. Ariannah Armstrong
Fun contest for a fun author! The release date is on my husband's birthday!
Jeff Tufano
94. profchaos
Yes please. I would like to enter this contest for this fabulous read.
Beth D.
95. Ryan McSweeney
Yes, please!
Beth D.
97. j80
I almost broke my keyboard when I saw this! Cory Doctorow is one of my new favorite authors; Little Brother is the book I keep trying to get everyone else to read.
Beth D.
98. Arcanist
Count me in!
Beth D.
99. JBR
Free Book.....Droooooool
Beth D.
100. tlight
That would be wonderful, thank you.
Beth D.
102. Michael Kingsley
What do we want? Booooooook.

When do we want it? Booooooook.
Beth D.
103. cyberiantygrr
Count me in.
Ben Engelsberg
104. booklegger451
Sign me up for a chance. Cannot have enough Cory Doctorow.
Beth D.
106. ncarter
I'll probably pick it up anyway, but free would be nice...
Robert Mitchell
107. philolexian
Arrrrrr! Oh, not that kind of pirate? Entry complete.
Beth D.
108. Beautiful Monster
Good for my local library.
Beth D.
111. Jay Bolling
A guy walks into a bar and says, "Ouch!"
Frank Nagy
112. fjnagy
Yoo Hoo Hoo and 16 MPAA lawyers in a dead man's chest.... a good start that is
Beth D.
114. SoCalJayhawk
Here's mine.
Beth D.
117. I.Baker
Count me in!!!
Beth D.
118. cheesegan
I'm in it to win it. Or, perhaps not.
Beth D.
120. Kimberly B.
I'd love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Beth D.
125. astandy
I've loved the Doctorow books I've read so far. Getting one free would be great.
Beth D.
126. Tonya C
I'm all in! Crossing my fingers that I win!
Beth D.
127. D Davidson
Looking forward to reading this.
James Felling
128. Maltheos
Sign me up. I look forward to reading this.
Beth D.
132. Robert Sparling
Here's my attempt at winning a book! Woot.
David Betz
133. RDBetz
Free Cory Doctorow book makes me happy.
Beth D.
137. Michael Habif
yes please
Beth D.
138. bulletproofheeb
Here is my hat, being tossed into the ring.
Craig Piercy
139. cpiercy
Ahoy mate. Jolly day. I be pleased if you enter me in th' contest bucko. I lust a jolly scurvy pirate movie. (of course, I realize that this book is probably not about real pirates, but I also enjoy a good Doctorow story, mate)
James Edwards
140. Humbert
Where's the love for Canada (ie: Cory's birthplace)?
Beth D.
141. b.c.
Based on the excerpt, this is a must-read - winning it would be a major bonus!!!
Beth D.
142. LarryB
Crossing my fingers, thowing salt over the sholder, There is no way Im going to loose
Beth D.
143. ttchipster
Would love to be Down and Out in a Pirate Cinema.
Beth D.
144. Victhor The Viking
Cory ist Krieg!
Christopher Schwartz
145. Schwrtzman
Winning is fun, winning is serious. If you win too much, you'll get delerious.
Beth D.
146. mettle
Doctorow is a brilliant. I met him at DEFCON XX this year and he was great about taking the time to meet and talk to people. His books have strongly influenced my life goals.
Beth D.
148. Dan Someone
Free book? Sign me up!
Beth D.
153. DougB
Just finished FTW, so I'm primed for more Doctorow! Thanks for the contest.
Stephen Lyon
155. skaftafell
Internet crackdown;
Three strikes with copyright to
Net isolation.
Beth D.
156. tolladay
Please oh please, let it be me.
Beth D.
157. Dawna
wow sounds good
Beth D.
160. Thom_D
Cory Doctorow prose? You bet your ass I want some.
Beth D.
161. NorthJersey
!!! yay for the new book !!
Beth D.
162. Jack Strong
Doctorow is the man.
Karen Arrowood
163. msakma
I appear to be the only one here who hasn't read Cory Doctorow... The book looks interesting.
Beth D.
167. drakacyggy
Twould be t'end of my job as well...
Beth D.
168. LouWW
I'd like this, please!
Beth D.
169. Laurraine
I'll bite.
Beth D.
170. SarahD
Looking forward to this one, please enter me.
Beth D.
171. Chris J
Sounds interesting!
Beth D.
172. Brad Seal
I am a fan of Doctorow.

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