Aug 29 2012 10:15am

Ood on the Loo! Pond Life Minisode #3

In part 3 of the Doctor Who Season 7 prequel web series Pond Life, Amy and Rory get an unexpected visitor. In their bathroom!

Mordicai Knode
1. mordicai
...& now I can't stop saying "Ood on the loo" in a sing-song voice...
2. JCHicks
Ood on the loo. Fantastic. I'm loving these minisodes but am wishing they were longer.
Bridget McGovern
3. BMcGovern
@mordicai--My brain decided to sing it to the tune of "Band on the Run," for some ridiculous reason. We're in a fight.

@JCHicks--me too!
4. mndrew
Very, very, very, VERY glad he had his pants up.
David Goldfarb
5. David_Goldfarb
...and obviously whoever titled this article and put up the freeze-frame had never heard the word "spoiler". Sheesh.

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