Aug 17 2012 6:00pm

NASA Commissions Mars-Based Art With Beautiful Results

The landing of Curiosity not only resulted in the world being stricken with Mars fever, but also some beautiful red planet themed art! NASA approached artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick to create striking images about Mars. The result was a series of beautiful and evocative pieces of art. Our favorite one is above, but the whole gallery is worth checking out.

[Via Wired]

Nate the great
1. thDigitalReader
Don't you mean Mars-inspired art?

I seriously doubt that they found an artist based on Mars who could have done the work. If they had then this would be even bigger news than Curiosity landing.
Steven Halter
2. stevenhalter
These are very nicely done. I love the artifacts.
Sorcha O
3. sushisushi
These are fantastic - they remind me of Swan's land art on Mercury in Kim Stanley Robinson's latest book '2312'.
4. mike=ptda
Ahh Bummer, I thought they were going to do a
Robinson Crusoe on Mars rewatch...

Have to look at the link at home - it's not working at the day job.

Thanks for the link.


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