Aug 17 2012 9:30am

Morning Roundup: OMG Agent Scully!

For someone who is such a skeptic, Scully certainly give verbal shout-outs to the possibility of a God quite a bit here. We saw this video over on the Mary Sue and found it to be super cute.

Your offsite links are both in awe of themselves and a bit skeptical.

Highlights include:

  1. Maybe what will happen in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  2. The release date for Avengers 2.
  3. The new/old music of Star Trek.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby believes that Scully is out there.

1. Tesh
That's because it's just a phrase, uttered without any thought whatsoever. It has relegated the meaning of the term "God" almost irrelevant, at least in that context.

...beside that, Scully seemed to have a "belief" in science. Thing is, science isn't really a belief system, it's a systematic way of gathering and processing observed data. Perhaps the Anthropic Principle muddies the waters a little bit, but true science isn't about belief, it's about data. (Which is tangentially why rabid "climate science" people, either pro or con, drive me nuts.)
2. Earl Rogers
Scully is canonically a believer in God. In fact, I recall in seasons three and four there were a couple of episodes bringing up the striking contrast that while Scully is skeptical about almost every paranormal thing, she does have faith in God's existence, while Mulder who's willing to believe in lots of stuff has a very real disdain for belief in God.
Ellen B. Wright
3. ellenw
I just want someone to create a montage of all the times Scully said, "I don't know, Mulder..."
Kelly Trop
4. Zorpisuttle

It's not just Scully, but there's at least a minute and a half of X-files "I don't know" in there.

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