Aug 6 2012 11:00am

If the Tenth Doctor Were a My Little Pony

If the Tenth Doctor Were a My Little PonyNever has the oncoming storm seemed so huggable! This plush My Little Pony Tenth Doctor (“Doctor Whooves,” for short) was made by New Zealand crafter and aspiring tattoo artist Demelza Salisbury and it is so cute we can almost forgive it for that one time it wiped out our entire species. (I mean, that hair. That really really great... hair.)

Salisbury takes commissions, as well. You can check out more of her stuff and additional angles on the Tenth Doctor Whooves at her site, linked above.

David J Thompson
3. djthomp
@2, there is a little more to the story for this guy. He is a background character in the show who was named Dr. Whoves by the fanbase because of his hourglass mark. Fairly recently he was more cannonically named as both Time Turner in the official collectable card set from Hasbro (with the detail of being responsible for all things timey-wimey), as well as Dr. Hooves in an officially approved t-shirt from WeLoveFine. Trending theory seems to be that Time Turner is his "John Smith" name, so to speak.

Probably more information than you were looking for.
4. Edgewalker
I realized why I am sick of Doctor Who memes:

this site.

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