Aug 24 2012 5:45pm

How Do You Feel About This Trailer for Star Wars: Detours?

This trailer for Star Wars: Detours, a new computer-animated cartoon show from the creators of Robot Chicken, is bound to cause a little controversy, and we're really not sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, Seth Green's new show is directed at kids, and certainly looks and sounds kid-friendly. On the other hand, an adult audience expecting the same sharp humor that they've received from Robot Chicken's numerous Adult Swim Star Wars specials will be utterly disappointed.

And on yet the other hand (it's the Star Wars universe, we can have three hands) this smacks of the same cynical, soulless marketing that produced this goofy Phantom Menace 3-D commercial asking a dead Qui-Gon Jinn to “hurry up or you'll be late for the celebration!” Even Gawker media's outlets io9 and Gizmodo had totally opposite reactions. What do you think?

Dayton Ward
1. daytonward
"On the other hand, an adult audience expecting the same sharp humor that they've received from Robot Chicken's numerous Adult Swim Star Wars specials will be utterly disappointed."

Well, since the show is aimed at kids, I suspect that we adults will just have to get over it. Not everything is marketed for us. To use another example, I read Action Comics, and my 5-year old daughter likes Superman Family Adventures. I'm not irked because her book isn't written (primarily) with me in mind. We each have our own slice of the pie.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read Darth Vader and Son with my kid. :)
2. StrongDreams
I saw sparks of Robot Chicken's "sharp humor" (which, face it, is only spotty at best). The fedora was good, I heard a Wilhelm Scream, couple other bits. I doubt I'll go out of my way to find this, though.
Douglas Freer
3. Futurewriter1120
I love how the trailer showed off so many fangasm pop culture references connected to Star Wars. It'd be funny if they had one ep be Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
David Thomson
4. ZetaStriker
I rather enjoyed the trailer, actually. I have to problems with this.
Michael Grosberg
5. Michael_GR
I don't really se how it's aimed at children. This is mostly parody, and much closer to the Robot Chicken specials thatn you'd have me bbelieve. I like parody because I'm an adult and have been living with Star wars for so many years, I've extracted all the amount of fun I'll have from the franchise and the only way I can enjoy it now is by sarcastic/ironic references (such as the "it's a trap" meme). Children at the age when they're just experiencing Star wars for the first time won't like somebody taking the piss on their beloved franchise like that - would they?
In short I think it's a terrible move that will only cause further brand dilution.
6. Vulpine

I can't wait!
7. ScottS
Looks fun to me, but a ton of the jokes will go over kid's heads, which is normal these days for kid shows. Especially liked the "it's a trap" sketch. Seems like they trying to make a more accessible funny. Good for them. I'm not sure that can sustain a series.
8. Lenie Clarke
Hey, isn't Seth MacFarlane involved in this, too?

Don't let MacFucklane rot the youth's brains with his aggressively stupid drivel! Flood those money-grubbing idiots at Lucasfilms with complaints till they scream!

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