Aug 9 2012 6:00pm

Captain Picard and Arya Stark Team Up to Scalp Olympics Tickets

Don’t ever say that Sir Patrick Stewart ain’t out there livin’ life. His latest venture is as an Olympics ticket scalper, teamed up with Maisie “Scraggly Sue” Williams to take every unwitting mark down a peg. Watch as he teaches us the lingo of a scalper, tells Simon Pegg he was “FACKIN’ MAHVELOUS in Star Wars!” then gets him into huge trouble.

Ian Johnson
1. IanPJohnson
…What just happened?

Whatever it was, it was AWESOME.
3. mirana
Patrick Stewart is amazing (as usual). Loved the other cameos too!
4. Petar Belic
That almost made me tear-up - I laughed so much. Thank you!
Del C
5. del
Oh dear, that accent, Sir Patrick! I'll feel less guilty about doing a bad Yorkshire accent in future.

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