Aug 13 2012 10:00am

...And a Few Surprises

Darth Touma
1. Darth Touma
You really surprised me.. I was not expecting this.. AT ALL
Darth Touma
2. Classic Appa
Darth Touma
3. mike-ptda
Stubby For President!

And it's VP selection is?

I'm kinda thinking a young and full of zest Rocket with both a conservative, liberal and independent mind set... but can't over shadow Stubby's classic/Steampunk credentials... hmmm gotta think this one over...

Cheers, ~Mike
Tom Hill
4. thill2
That's fabulous! Any chance that background could rotate just enough for this whole thing to fit into a 1920 by 1080 space? Without shooting poor stubby straight up into space? or nearly over on his back?
Alan Brown
5. AlanBrown
I have two theories. The first is that Virgil Finlay had a vision of the future before he passed away, and someone recently discovered the beautiful cross-hatched work of art that resulted from the vision. The other is that has hired engravers so they can start printing their own currency. Who needs Dollars or Euros when you can spend Stubbys?
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
5 AlanBrown,
I would officially like to “like” both of those theories. StubBucks!

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