Jul 31 2012 2:45pm

Trailer for Animated Adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

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Many people cite Frank Miller’s 1986 Batman story The Dark Knight Returns, as one of the finest and deepest iterations of Batman iterations in history. Now with Batman-fever in full swing, DC Comics has revealed that an animated version of the classic story is coming soon. Watch the trailer for Part 1 of the animated Dark Knight Returns.

What does everything think? Will it do the story justice? 

[via MTV]

Liz J
2. Ellisande
... except for how they mis-spell it "DARK NIGHT" in the trailer.

Mike Conley
3. NomadUK
Well, the voices suck (except for Robin). Other than that, I suppose it could be okay. If you like that kind of animation. Which I don't, really.

So, okay, meh.
Eric Craddock
4. ebonecircus
I don't know. Gonna be hard to capture the vibe of this classic. I'm assuming Supes and WW and them make the same appearances in this as they do in the comic?
5. JohnnyMac
Looks very promising. Any idea on when this is coming out?
6. Earl Rogers
4: Wonder Woman was not in TDKR, though she got a brief mention. Other than Superman and Green Arrow, no Justice Leaguers turn up until the sequel.
7. relaxin
The trailer has the right look and feel. I also like how it is done as animation since it would have been some kind of difficult to do this as a movie.
8. apok
Wonder if the inevitable sequels will include the part where a guy with orange hair shoots up a movie theater.

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