Jul 5 2012 6:00pm

This Whiteboard and Ink Drawing Only Existed For 25 Minutes

Gregory Euclide’s whiteboard art

Earlier this week The Daily Mail posted a feature on high school teacher Gregory Euclide, a man who would craft ink drawings on the whiteboard of his classroom during his 25 minute lunch break, then wipe them away when the students returned to class.

The above image is only one such example. Click over to The Daily Mail to see more, read about how he made them, why he erased them, and how his students got him to preserve a few.

Image copyright Gregory Euclide / David B. Smith Gallery

Deana Whitney
2. Braid_Tug
Disproves the old saying:
"Those who can - Do. Those who can't - Teach."

I really, really hate that saying and the attitude that goes with it.
Go Teacher!
Sorcha O
4. sushisushi
The Daily Mail article is a bit disingenuous in suggesting the Euclide is some sort of a savant who just upped and started making these amazing drawings on the whiteboard one day, when he's a practicing, exhibiting artist with a BA and a MFA, as well as being an art teacher. That's not to say that these aren't some really amazing artworks, all the more so because they are so ephemeral, but I would encourage readers to google his name to see lots more of his work. He seems to exhibit very regularly in the USA, so a lot of people on here would be able to go and see his work in the flesh, as it were.

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