Jul 9 2012 1:00pm

The Avengers Painted as Epic Fantasy Heroes

The Avengers as epic fantasy heroes

DeviantArt user theDurrrrian recently put together a gallery of the Avengers as they would look as epic fantasy characters. Pictured is the fantasy version of Hawkeye. (Click the image to see a larger version.)

The portraits are inspired by the work of Kekai Kotaki, who readers might recognize from his run illustrating Peter Orullian’s original fiction last year. (You can check out Kotaki’s gallery right here.)

Durian covered all the movie Avengers. Below are some of our favorites.


The Hulk:

The Avengers as epic fantasy heroes


Iron Man:

The Avengers as epic fantasy heroes



The Avengers as epic fantasy heroes


See the whole line-up at Durrrrian’s gallery linked at the top of the post!

(Oh, and this post is not to be confused with our other Epic Fantasy Avengers post.)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and will meet you on the fields of Blackmoor, good Ser Hulk!

1. wsull
AWESOME !!!!! five exclamation points
3. Jshillingford
These are very creative and outright amazing. Marvel should consider working with the artist to offer them as limited edition prints! I'd buy a set...

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