Jul 19 2012 4:30pm

Six Hints to Prepare You For The Dark Knight Rises

The third and final movie in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy debuts at midnight tonight and the anticipation is so thick we’ve started to see Batman lurking in every shadow. (Okay, we always do, but this is our problem and we’ll deal with it.) was lucky enough to get to see it a little bit early and while we’ll have a detailed, spoilerrific movie review coming later (Trust us, you will really want to discuss this after you’ve seen it.) we thought we’d ratchet up the excitement a little more and tease some hints on what you’re going to see.

  • There are two surprise cameos. One brings death disguised as hope. The other brings hope disguised as death.
  • Three main characters will make heroic stands. You don’t even know the name of one of them.
  • Bane is never bested in a fist fight.
  • Gotham’s salvation pivots on just two letters.
  • Batman faces his own Reichenbach Falls.
  • Batman begins.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and will tell you one straight spoiler: At no point does Bane ride a T-Rex.

1. StrongDreams
Given the literacy of the readers here (in comics and general lit), #5 and 6 go too far, I think.
2. DavidEsmale
I've had a sneaking suspicion on how the movie will end for a month or two now. #6 is probably about as close to a confirmation of my suspicions as I'm likely to get until I see the movie (or read the spoilers).
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
@1. StrongDreams. We wouldn't have put it up if it actually went too far. The more obvious a hint seems, the more you should suspect the veracity of the statement.
Jack Dowden
4. JDowds
So long as it doesn't turn out to have all been a dream, I think I'll be happy.
5. Tmauermann
Saw the movie last night. Technically, Bane not losing a fist-fight is accurate. But I would put an asterix next to that.

I thought it was slow in the beginning and warmed up a little bit in the middle. The ending wasn't as powerful as I had hoped, but was satisfied all the same.
6. That Guy
Saw the movie last night and was a little confused as to what you meant by #1 (which cameos?) and #4 (two letters?).
7. rashkae
I kind of figured that #5 was a reference to a recent mini series rather than lit; got that one right. I don't understand the cameos either, unless the 'cameos' are flashbacks from 2 movies ago. I think the "letters" are referencing letters that were written, rather than letters of the alphabet, (one of which was previously destroyed.)
8. Daedalus
Death disguised as hope - Think of... hope that suddenly became death.
Hope disguised as death - This character was in all three movies, but only a main in the first.

Two letters means two written letters. One which was not given to Bruce, another which was given to the police.

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