Jul 15 2012 5:47pm

Robert Downey Jr. Surprises Little Girl Dressed as Iron Man at SDCC

The Marvel Avengers Facebook account has a bunch of pictures up from the Iron Man 3 panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and while they’re all pretty cool, this one of Robert Downey Jr. surprising a little girl dressed as Iron Man is our heart-bursting favorite.

Can you imagine that little girl standing on the edge of her bed, re-enacting the end of the first movie? That tiny little voice squeaking “I am Iron Man!” then pausing with a smirk as all the pretend cameramen take pictures? Then can you imagine her zooming around her backyard going “Pshooo! Pshooo!” at the family cat until she’s finally called in to wash up for dinner?

She is our new hero.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is 64% iron!

Stefan Jones
1. Stefan Jones
Geek kids have it so good today. Not only are there big handsome lavishly produced genre movies, but kids are free to shameless get their geek freak on at places like Comic Con.

A kid who dressed up like Iron Man when I was a kid, he'd need powered armor to keep from getting beat up.
Stefan Jones
2. mutantalbinocrocodile
Made me smile on what threatened to be a really bad morning. Thanks, Tor!

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