Jul 22 2012 11:00am

Our First Look at Next Year’s Superman Reboot: Man of Steel

The above teaser for next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, is now playing before screenings of The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Bros. released high quality versions of the teaser on Saturday, which you can watch above.

Teaser is very much the word in play here, aside from Russell “Jor-El” Crowe’s voiceover and the ending cinematic of Superman rocketing into space (Both of which = awesome.) there is little to suggest that this is a Superman movie. Unless Superman is so amazing he can somehow go lobster-fishing in Kansas now. (Spoilers?)

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby will race you around the moon, Superman. The loser buys moon pizza for the winner. And Stubby loooooves moon pizza.

Josh Matthews
2. jdm
What I really don't get is why the used the sad Fellowship music from Fellowship of the Rings in this trailer:
John R. Ellis
3. John R. Ellis
As trailers go, this is distinctly unexciting.

I can only imagine it was brought about by the following-

WB Exec: "Yo, Zack! We need something to put in front of the final Nolan Batman film. Gotta get those millions of eager super-hero fans psyched for a new Superman film, babycakes! What do you have?"

Zack Snyder: "Um...we have scenes of Clark working as a deep sea fisherman."

WB Exec: "....huh."

Zack Snyder: "We also have some swell footage of clotheslines!"

WB Exec: "Clotheslines. CLOTHESLINES?!?"

Zack Snyder: "Aw, c'mon, it means my take on Supes is fresh and clean!"

WB Exec: *face palm*

Zack Snyder: "Then we have a glorious shot of Superman taking off into the stratosphere!"

WB Exec: "Oh, well, maybe it won't be a complete l-"

Zack Snyder: "...for 1.5 seconds. We haven't gotten a lot of the FX shots done yet, can you tell?"

WB Exec: "Just tell me you at least have a decent one-sheet to go with the teaser?"

Zack Snyder: "Sure do! Why settle for the Man of Steel when you can have the Man of Texture?"

WB Exec: "....excuse me for a moment." *speed dials* "Yo, Lou? Get them started on the Batman reboot. NOW."
John R. Ellis
4. SF
@2 jdm: Trailers, particularly teaser trailers often use music from other films because the score isn't done yet. So what you usually do is take a piece of music from another film that fits the mood you want to establish. It's quite common.
John R. Ellis
5. SF
@3 John R. Ellis: The teaser seems to have divided people. People either really like it, or really don't. Personally, I really like it, and find it to be inspiring. This is the first time I've been interested in this film.

Also, don't forget that Christopher Nolan is involved with this as both producer and writer (he shares a story credit with David Goyer, who wrote the script). So, what we're seeing is not just Snyder's vision, presumably.
John R. Ellis
6. AgingComputer
I'm fine with the jumble of random images... he's going for the "and now for something completely different" take. But the LOTR music really threw me for a loop, too. It's just too familiar.
Mordicai Knode
7. mordicai
I like it! The kid in the towel cape, the line about "in time they will join you in the sun." I don't like Snyder, but maybe Superman can save this movie? my favorite.
John R. Ellis
8. Drazulfel
I thought it was a very effective trailer. Like the Tor blurb indicated, "teaser" is the key word. If for a run time of 1:33, it has you wondering but interested for the first 1:15, hopefully suspecting for the next 0:10, and excited but ultimately unsatisfied and wishing for more in the last few seconds, then it has done its job.
Natalie Zutter
9. nataliezutter
I feel like I'm watching The Perfect Storm... And the clothesline bit was odd: "Now it's blue clothing! Now red clothing!"
John R. Ellis
10. SF
@9 nataliezutter: I can see that about the clothesline, but it's clear those are from two different timeframes. The one at the beginning, with the blue clothing, is from when he's apparently living on the coast, working as a fisherman. The later one, with the red clothing, is from his childhood in Smallville.
James Goetsch
11. Jedikalos
The "Deadliest Catch" vibe is really . . . wierd. Clark going after the crab as a sort of emo looking deckhand . . . a little boy pretending to be Superman (that can't be Clark as a child, which would make no sense). . . and weirdest of all, to me, the inexplicable playing of LOTR music that immediately made me think of Gandalf. One thing is for sure (if you've watched "Deadliest Catch"), we can be sure that this is one greenhand that won't flake out on them :)
James Goetsch
12. Jedikalos
And is that a butterfly trapped in the chain links of the swing?
Stephanie Padilla
13. DN10
I really adore Superman--he's my favorite superhero-- but I really don't know how to feel about this reboot. I'm happy that another Superman film is being made, but I'm not AT ALL a fan of Zack Snyder--in fact, I think he's exactly the worst possible choice for director of a Superman movie. His movies--like The Watchmen or 300--tend to be dark, gritty, disturbing, and, when it comes to his depiction of female characters, not the greatest--all of which makes his style not really suitable for Superman. I also think the choice of Amy Adams to play Lois Lane was a terrible one. Lois is strong, feisty, independent--none of which Adams can pull off, in my opinion. And the decision to get rid of the iconic Superman theme song that was composed by John Williams? Likewise a terrible move. It's like all of a sudden deciding to change the Star Wars or Indiana Jones theme songs. The song is just so closely associated with Superman by so many people--why would anyone want to get rid of it? And I very much hope they are not going to use General Zod or Lex Luthor as the main villain. I'm just tired of Hollywood's apparent belief that there are no other interesting villains in the Superman canon, especially when there are actually so many to choose from! I'm really not sure this movie's one I'll even want to watch once. I'll wait and read the reviews. But who knows--I may turn out to be entirely wrong, and the movie may turn out to be brilliant, which would be nice!
Bill Stusser
14. billiam
I think it works as a teaser trailer, it has me curious now. We know that Clark spent some time 'finding himself' after school before he started working at the Daily Planet, is so had to believe that he went to alaska and worked on a crab boat for a while. From what I read about the footage shown at SDCC they show Clark walking into to Daily Planet so he does start working there some time during the movie. I was hoping to get a look at the squid-like ship but I guess that will have to wait until a future trailer.

Those who saw the SDCC stuff say the flying is like nothing we have ever seen in a movie before and have to say the (admittidly short) flight scene here does look pretty damn awesome.

Is this the first time you guys have ever noticed that early trailers often use music from other movies? They do it all the time as SF said @4. I think the music chosen fits the feeling that the trailer was trying to get across very well.
Natalie Zutter
15. nataliezutter
@SF - Yeah, I definitely realized that the two clotheslines were from different timeframes; I wasn't clear. My reaction came from the fact that -this- was apparently the visual the editors had decided would hint at the iconic costume.
John R. Ellis
16. SF
@15 nataliezutter - Good catch. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
Liz J
17. Ellisande
There's also a version with Kevin Costner's voice over. You should probably mention that.
Matthew Watkins
18. oraymw
A superman reboot, directed by Zack Snyder, and written by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. Keep in mind that, Goyer was also a writer for the story and screenplay of The Dark Knight. How could this not be a recipe for sheer awesomeness?
Marcus W
19. toryx
I thought the teaser was fine. It didn't blow me away or disappoint me. If anything, it left me intrigued which is what a teaser is supposed to do.

As for the movie itself, I have as yet no expectations. We'll see what happens when it's actually done.

And when it comes to the theme music, I just remember when they used the theme from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for every single new movie that was coming out...for years. Compared to that, the LotRs theme music wasn't distracting at all.

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