Jul 13 2012 3:30pm

On Our Radar: Play Comic Con Bingo!

Karin L. Kross is at the one and only San Diego Comic Con, and she’s been doing some awesome coverage for us! Of course, we couldn’t help but notice this BINGO card on her Tumblr detailing what she had already seen on her very first day.

You can play along! Just take a look below:

This gorgeous work of wonder can be found on The Laughing Squid as well, with artwork by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying. It’s just the best. You should use it.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby is very disappointed that the crew waited this long to introduce Stubby to Bingo.

1. Skywise
Spent the last two days there. My personal scorecard would include:
The Doctor, R2D2, Zombie, Batman , Creeper, Giant Weapon, Muppet, Slave Leia, Jedi, Sexy Stormtrooper, Mad Hatter, Jawa, Renn Faire Bosom, Brown Coat and Short Shorts.
4. Bingo_Argentina
Very funny article. Our include The Doctor and Batman. Loved it from Bingo Argentina. Cheers!

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