Jul 6 2012 11:30am

New Set Pics from Doctor Who Reveal the Return of Favorite Characters (Spoilers)

Taken by super-fan Ryan Farrell, a bunch of new set-pics from Doctor Who series 7 have leaked. These appear to be from an episode later in the season which will feature the return of several characters who are fan favorites. Click below the cut for the images and more info on the episode being filmed.

Spoilers follow.


This news comes to us via Bleeding Cool, who culled the images from Ryan Farrell. Apparently, the episode being filmed is the 7th in the next season and is called “The Crimson Horror.” This is the one written by Mark Gatiss and starring Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling. (Images of Diana Rigg on the set leaked yesterday) BUT, it also appears to feature the return of members of the Doctor’s army first glimpsed in “A Good Man Goes to War” including the Silurian Madame Vastra and the Sontaran Nurse, Strax. Both characters are depicted in what seems to be Victorian attire. It’s not clear yet if this episode is earlier in the personal timelines of Vastra and Strax. (It’s also possible it’s not Strax, but a different Sontaran, though unlikely.)

Images follow. (More can be found here)




1. AlBrown
Hooray! I found Madame Vastra and Jenny to be among the more fascinating characters introduced last year, and am delighted to see them return. Nothing like a samauri-sword wielding lizard woman warrior to liven up an episode.
And good to see the plucky Strax as well, ready to support in any way he can.
Can't wait for the new season to start, and can't wait to discuss it on!
Ursula L
2. Ursula
So, the Doctor has a new hat. The question is, will River be coming along to kill it?

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