Jul 31 2012 3:15pm

New Full Trailer for Skyfall

This is it. The big one. Sam Mendes’s James Bond hits the U.S on November 9th and in the U.K. on October 26th. This full trailer finally reveals a little more of the plot+ Javier Bardem as the big bad guy AND Ben Whishaw as “Q.” What do you think? 

Jenny Thrash
2. Sihaya
I'm confused - aren't you supposed to call Ethan Hunt when someone steals the NOC list?
Tricia Irish
3. Tektonica
Well, I still have no idea exactly what's happening, but I Don't Care!!!

I can't wait to see it. Daniel Craig really is an incredible Bond....dare I say it? Perhaps, The Best Bond.
Mike Conley
4. NomadUK
Tektonica@3: He is better than any of the others except, only just possibly, Sean Connery up through From Russia with Love. But, deep down, I think maybe Craig is just the best — a fact he owes in large part to the direction and writing of the new series of films.

I liked George Lazenby, actually, but there's only the one to judge him by, and I think at best he would have wound up in third place.

Do not talk to me about Roger Moore.

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