Jul 13 2012 10:00am

Mysterious New Stubby the Rocket Appears, Declines Interviews

Mysterious New Stubby the Rocket Appears, Declines Interviews

On Monday, subscribers to the weekly newsletter will be made privy to the meaning of the above image. Next Friday, July 20th, the rest of the world will know.

Finally, the story will be told.

Mouldy Squid
2. Mouldy_Squid
So, you'll be announcing the opening of the online DRM free digital bookstore on the 20th.
3. mike-ptda
First there was a Virgin, then Virgin Records, Virgin Airplanes, Virgin Galactic, and soon my guess is Virgin Stubby The Rocket with discount tickets the Moon, Mars, and beyond!

I wonder if they'll have extra leg roon and if the snacks will come pureed in tubes?


4. mike-ptda
I was so excited about the prospects of a Virgin Stubby The Rocket ship with discount tickets extra leg room and pureed snacks that I forgot to add the "to" or is that "too" to the "to the Moon, Mars and Beyond!"

Matthew Schmeer
6. mwschmeer
I keep clicking that "subscribe to newsletter" button up top, but I'm never given an opportunity to subscribe--the option isn't even available on my profile page.

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