Jul 19 2012 12:30pm

Memory of Light Cover Proof Sweepstakes!

Now that you’ve taken a look at the proof printing process post, we know you want a copy of these beauties. Have we ever let you down? Enter here to win one of the Memory of Light cover proofs! It’s not quite the book itself, but it will have part of that new-book smell, and it’s gorgeous on the wall. Enter to win one of ten in the comments!

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) July 19, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET July 24, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

James Starke
1. jamestarke
ERMAHGERD YESPLZ. D: *dying from the pretties!*
Sandip Mehta
2. Sandip Mehta
Hello Irene,

This is an amazing contest!! Thank you for your generosity!
S.Mehta (photographer, painter)
Thomas Jeffries
5. thomstel
I'm in! As always, thanks for being awesome!
Sandip Mehta
6. The Loopy Librarian
What a cool giveaway! My husband loves the Wheel of Time series. A cover proof of Memory of Light would be awesome! Tor rocks!
Sandip Mehta
8. Jaysin
*Shaking the dice*......*Tossing the dice*.......*The dice are rolling*.....and they come up....the Dark One's Eyes!!! A winning roll or not???
Sandip Mehta
11. Hoot'n'Toot
wow, that would look cool framed on my den wall
Sandip Mehta
12. autumnmoone
Thanks for this - that would be awesome
Sandip Mehta
13. M. Jenkins
This would be an outstanding poster.
Sandip Mehta
14. Patrick83
That would be awesome!
David Thomson
19. ZetaStriker
I shall apply it to another book and carry it around in front of friends pretending it's an ARC if I win.
Sandip Mehta
22. Herb555
want. Want. WANT.
Daniel Ems
23. danielems
What a great idea. My wife would hate it.
Eric Carlson
24. Tennerock
Now this would be a nice win. Count me in.
Sandip Mehta
25. corig123
Well that'd be cool!
Evan Kangas
28. petey101
Awesome! Count me in, please and thank you.
Sandip Mehta
32. jim162065
that would be very cool.
Sandip Mehta
33. dwndrgn
This would be a lovely prize to win. Count me in please and thank you.
Sandip Mehta
36. Marshall Marshall
Oooh! Oooh!
Sandip Mehta
37. kaustin
This thread will certainly hit historic count levels.

Please count me in.
Sandip Mehta
38. Shane May
It may not be the book itself, but it will help make the wait a bit more bearable. So yes, I would like one.

Thank you.
Cori Hull
40. yarnandtea
Ooh, wouldn't one of those in a frame be a lovely birthday gift for my husband... :D
Sandip Mehta
42. James Marsh
This would make a fine birthday gift for someone I know.
Robert H. Bedford
43. RobB
I have a good place to hang a copy, so I'd love to have one.
Sandip Mehta
46. mutantalbinocrocodile
Sandip Mehta
48. Desertpaladin
Best prize EVER!
Matt Wright
50. matty42
Worthy of framing and hanging. Please let me win!
Sandip Mehta
51. Kadere
Oh please please please please please please!
Sandip Mehta
51. Catpapa2525
count me in!
Sanctume Spiritstone
52. Sanctume
I have bare walls and I could frame those nicely for my man-cave!
Sandip Mehta
53. EM42
Amazing! send one to me!
Sandip Mehta
54. TaraD
I was literally just on the phone with my mom (who I got hooked on the books) about how awesome it would be to get ahold of one of the proofs, and now this! Thank you, thank you for the opportunity.
Sandip Mehta
55. William DeSiro
Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
56. rnedwick
neat contest idea
Jeremy Goff
57. JeremyM
I want this so that I can take it and get it signed at the midnight release for the book.
Sandip Mehta
58. JonoH
Commenting! I would love to have one of these!
Sandip Mehta
61. Krondys
That would be amazing! Sign me up!
Sandip Mehta
64. ktgigles
I want to win so that I can give it to my mom :)
Sandip Mehta
68. Nine Horse Hitch
I like this idea, just have to get Brandon to sign it. A rare piece of history, though I guess they will be available when this age comes again ...
Sandip Mehta
70. Aqualung
I'd love it.

*uses compulsion to ensure victory*
Sandip Mehta
72. TienStormBrother
Just as lost as Tien (Storm Light Archive) if I do not get one of these.
Sandip Mehta
73. Lane Kaley
I would greatly appreciate one :)
Thank you
Sandip Mehta
74. Dre Lasana
Love it. :)
Sandip Mehta
75. Gavin T Doyle
oooooh! I love it!
Sandip Mehta
76. rhandric
omg yes, that would be amazing!
Sandip Mehta
77. JoshS
This would go great in my office!!!!
quazi44 K
79. quazi44
What a great opportunity, count me in!
Sandip Mehta
81. RJShirts
This would look great framed on my wall. Send it my way, please. :-D
Sandip Mehta
83. Cory Puga
Great promotion and that cover art looks awesome!
Sandip Mehta
84. Victoria Zumbrum
Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.
Sandip Mehta
86. Aaron Robbins
what a great prize.
Sandip Mehta
85. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Sandip Mehta
87. ErnieM
Great looking cover. Thanks for the iPad wallpaper! Hope to win!
Sandip Mehta
90. AnotherChris
Ooh. The wait for this book is getting harder. But reading it might be even harder than the wait, knowing there will be no more to come. Bittersweet.
Htet Htet Aung
92. hhaung
I never win any sweepstakes but here's hoping any way.
Sandip Mehta
95. Ron C. Todd Jr.
Already working on the frame...and two words are not really words, at least not in English.
April Moore
96. aprildmoore
Put my name in your hat! I'd love to win this - this print proof would look great alongside my StarWars CCG proof sheets. :-)
Sandip Mehta
97. Derol
Make me a winner.
Sandip Mehta
99. Ray Vinciguerro
I really enjoyed the printing process post. It was cool to get a chance to see the huge printing press and to get a glimpse at all the hard work that goes into printing these amazing book covers!
Randy McCraw
100. sscorp99
Does it come with a frame!!! never mind send it anyway
Sandip Mehta
101. Lydia Presley
Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
102. Erich Beyrent
Suitable for framing!!
Sandip Mehta
103. Marty Cahill
Woo! Memory O' Light!
Sandip Mehta
104. KatieKat641
That would be awesome!
Sandip Mehta
105. Jennifer OBrien
Thank you for this chance to win! Very excited everything related to WoT.
Sandip Mehta
106. Shawn Cooke
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
Sandip Mehta
107. Maryanne
Philip Wardlow
109. PhilipWardlow
I think I will just wrap myself up in it like a blankee while I read WOT....:)
Sandip Mehta
110. PCM
I'm glad I read the newsletter! Can't wait to frame this!
Sandip Mehta
111. Cralic
OMG I love the Wheel of Time and this is a must have. PLEASE!!! :-D
Sandip Mehta
113. mberan42
Right here!
Sandip Mehta
114. Adam M Pawley
Aye Aye
Dan Herbert
115. Ordeith
Oh Please, Being in the printing business this would look great as wall art. I will beg if I have too.
Sandip Mehta
117. AlfredTungstan
So many people, so few covers
Sandip Mehta
118. Aaron Shroyer
Too bad it's not the book itself, here's hoping the world doesn't end in December.
Sandip Mehta
119. Miaka
I would love to own one of these!! :)
Sandip Mehta
121. Brian B.
Here's hoping, thanks for the contest!
Sandip Mehta
122. Erik Richter
I'll take one!
Nathanael Schaffer
124. N_Schaffer
As with all these aMoL contests, sign me up! I would love one.
Sandip Mehta
126. Mike W Davis
Would love one.
Sandip Mehta
127. YoBrandino
Me want!
corey chapman
128. martianblues
please, please please!!!! I will frame it and put it on my wall.
Sandip Mehta
130. Loredragon2
I Like Winning... Heheh
Sandip Mehta
134. RobinWitchyOne
To win one of these would be AWESOME!!!
Sandip Mehta
135. Britnei M
That would be an amazing thing to own!
Sandip Mehta
135. Glenngineer
I want!! I'm entered!
Sandip Mehta
136. Christopher Thomas Roland
This would receive a special place in my home. Sanderson is one of my favorite authors - I would love to have this on display on one of my walls.
Sandip Mehta
138. JimWang
Please let me win something
Sandip Mehta
139. Whitney Robinson
I want to win! Amazing art work!
Sandip Mehta
140. Karina Denmark
Pick meeeeee!
Sandip Mehta
141. Goldenmane
How lovely! I'd have to hide it from my son. He'd nag me endlessly for it.
Ross Newberry
143. rossnewberry
One of these might help to ease the wait until January. Well, no, it won't, but it would be cool!
LT Tortora
142. Lucubratrix
What the heck... not that I ever win anything, but this would be pretty awesome.
Sandip Mehta
144. Kelly Morehouse
Such an awesome series! Would love a proof.
Sandip Mehta
145. Nichole Anne
How awesome is this!?!? Thank you for the chance to win!!
Dennis Essa
146. dessa
Ah, to own a piece of history. Thanks for the chance!
Sandip Mehta
147. AprilG
Great contest! My Canadian friends are really jealous.
Sandip Mehta
148. Jonathan Shoemaker
Wow, holy toledo in hot pants, Batman! This is outrageously sweet and just goes to show why Tor is the leader of the pack.... I'm in!!!!
Sandip Mehta
150. MichaelL
I would love to get my hands on one of these!
Sandip Mehta
149. Tmzr
Awesome! Thanks TOR!!!
fuchi jeg
151. fuchi-jeg
These proofs look awesome. I would love to have one!
Jager Hein
152. darniil
Great article. Very much interested in this contest, too.
Sandip Mehta
153. Phillip Rhodus
Want! So much want it hurts!
Sandip Mehta
154. Pam B.
I may have to give it to my son, since he got me an autographed copy of a Jordan book in 2003.
Tyler Bridwell
155. goodLose
This looks so awesome. I can't wait for the actual book.
Sandip Mehta
156. Romos66
Yes please.
Sam Mickel
158. Samadai
I would love one of these. Thanks Tor
Sandip Mehta
159. taaudoloran
It'd be cool if they can get them autographed by Brandon and Whelan? :)
Sandip Mehta
160. spaceice
no whammys, no whammys, stop!
Brian Karrigan
161. bkarrigan
I'm in. Definitely looking forward to this book!
Sandip Mehta
163. Seth Olson
The artwork is fantastic, I would love to be lucky enough to win one of these.
Sandip Mehta
164. anonn
Throwing my name in the hat!
Sandip Mehta
165. Starr Harrison
Awesome contest!! Amazing cover!!! :D
Nathan Beins
166. Ultimator_1
This is an amazing opportunity, thanks for offering this up for the fans. Hope I'm lucky enough to win one.
Sandip Mehta
167. Dagalk
Looking forward to read the completed series :)
Sandip Mehta
169. matkeltri
That would be a neat thing to have!
Sandip Mehta
170. Gamgee22
I can't wait for this book release. I would love to win this prize.
Sandip Mehta
171. Terkanil
Now there is something that would go nicely above the WoT bookshelf.
Sandip Mehta
173. UiNiall
The cover art is fantastic! Cover art can really make one want to read a book.
Sandip Mehta
174. SDJazzMan
The last in a legacy! Thank you Robert Jordan for this legacy and for the many hours of pure enjoyment in reading the Wheel of Time and to Brandon Sanderson for finishing the legacy and doing it so well!
Sandip Mehta
177. jab
I would so like to be the cool mom. My son will just have to look and drool. Please and Thank you!
Sandip Mehta
178. Mattlar
Let me win
Sandip Mehta
179. Marvin S
Great idea for a contest. Already found a place to hang the framed cover. Can't wait for the book though.
Sandip Mehta
180. JDW
Great contest.
Sandip Mehta
182. Anne Clark
Oh, Please! I want one!
Sandip Mehta
183. Fallyn
I love the Wheel of Time series! A cover proof of Memory of Light would be awesome! Tor rocks!
Sandip Mehta
184. EvanM
This is excellent. Down with the Dark One!
Sandip Mehta
185. Charp
As a friend of mine will say ZOMG! This would be an awesome thing to hang on the wall in my dinky office/library/scifi geek-out room.
Sandip Mehta
186. Cynical Bastard
This would be amazing!
Donald Welsh
187. dwelsh
Nice contest, swell prize! Thanks Tor!
Paige Vest
188. paigevest
I can already see that baby framed and hanging on my wall (down here in creepy Truth or Consequences)! Awesome idea for a giveaway, guys!
Sandip Mehta
190. JStacy55
I wants it, I needs it
Sandip Mehta
191. flamingwombat
Yes Please
Sandip Mehta
192. LoneStranger
Would look great framed up on the wall. Does not deserve to be rolled up and thrown in a closet!
Sandip Mehta
193. SadCanadian
Ohhhhh.... Only for Americans? Seriously?
Sandip Mehta
194. Josh2007
That would go perfect in my library room!!
Sandip Mehta
195. kwende
Great author, great cover, great contest. Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
196. jon the destroyer
oh boy - thats neato (want want)
Frank Santo Fraterrigo, Jr.
197. Frankonwheels
At the risk of sounding banal, blood and freakin' bloody ashes would it be righteous and oh so Asha'manly to win one of these! Like that's gonna help...
Sandip Mehta
198. Erin "Noviel" K.
This is my boyfriend's favorite series so I have to try and win for him!

He's always loved Wheel of Time and I love Sword of Truth, so after we finish reading Game of Thrones together, we will swap our beloved series and have even more to love.
Karen Arrowood
199. msakma
How cool! I've never seen one of these....
Sandip Mehta
200. Paul Hinkson
I need that proof because I lost my arm the same way Rand did and my eye the same way Matt did. It would really brighten my day and make what's left of my pitiful life that much better. Oh yeah, I also have Perrin's propensity to cleave people with an axe. Thank you.
Sandip Mehta
201. Tuckograpgher
I want so bad.
Sandip Mehta
202. jcfocarino
Looks amazing!
Sandip Mehta
204. JillV
So cool! I'd like one please!! :-)
Sandip Mehta
206. Azhreia
Count me in.
Sandip Mehta
208. Ryan S.
A proof? Amazing!
Sandip Mehta
209. Meghan Smith
Very cool contest. I'm a big fan of this series!
Sandip Mehta
210. Lisa J H
Oooh, yes please!
Sandip Mehta
211. Janice Moore
Wow! Beautiful cover! Would absolutely love to win one. Thanks for the review of the proof printing process. That is an amazing article!
Rj Susara
212. dmonray
If they didn't split AMOL into 3, the proof is enough for one book. :p
Sandip Mehta
213. BlackAjah
Amazing!!!! Of all of the WOT giveaways, this one is the best so far! Thank you Irene and Tor so much. I would frame this and hang it up and cherish it forever :)
Sandip Mehta
214. JoshM
I want one of these please!!
Sandip Mehta
216. posthums
Yes please ;)
Sandip Mehta
215. biblio.phage
Yes, please!
Sandip Mehta
215. bengalbhai
would love to win that proof!
Sandip Mehta
217. Jay Fonseca
Big fan checking in right here. This would be awesome!
Sandip Mehta
218. lord garnett
Yes, Proof that there is more to Fantasy than just Life!
Sandip Mehta
220. Emily Davis
Great contest!
Sandip Mehta
222. DylanCB
By the power of Chris Christi, I do want!
Sandip Mehta
223. MJD
I'm the Winner!
Sandip Mehta
224. Russ Catalan
(raises his hand) Please consider myself for such a gift.
Sandip Mehta
225. Joanne Mielczarski
Thank you for the opportunity to win - I love to read. Good luck to me!
Sandip Mehta
227. rebekah
Very lovely! Can't wait for the book!
Sandip Mehta
228. Hoohoohoolio
I'm in
Sandip Mehta
230. XikkeN
I want one.
Sandip Mehta
231. HopefullyUnusedAlias
It's been such a long, wonderful journey...I almost don't want it to be over! Thank you Mr. Rigney & Mr. Sanderson for 2 decades of great stories, anticipation for the next installment, & these characters that feel like family!
Sandip Mehta
235. Babr
Woot Woot.....Awesome Prize!
Sandip Mehta
236. InBeAz
Oh, Thats For Me??? ...Why Thank You
Sandip Mehta
237. Michael M
Wow...this would be so cool to win!!!!!!!!!!
Sandip Mehta
240. ellen e
This is amazing. I can't wait to read the last book, though I don't want it to be over.
Sandip Mehta
241. C Oppenheimer
I'll take one please.
Sandip Mehta
242. hobbitgal
This would look awesome framed in my library!!!!
Sandip Mehta
243. Scarlett
Blood and bloody ashes! I would love one of these. Thanks Tor you rock!!
Sandip Mehta
246. kholm
I would burn the world and use my soul for tinder to win one of those....
Sandip Mehta
248. Nick8283
That would look fantastic on the library wall. Count me in.
Sandip Mehta
250. Gabriel Vasquez
Yep, this will be framed and hung in my WoT shrine! :D
Dre Maier
252. Dre Maier
I will do absolutely anything, whatever you want, you name it, I'll do it for one of these, please. Pretty please.
Daryl Strickler
251. Seacaptain13
Of all the things for me to win this is near the top!
Sandip Mehta
253. Jonathan Shea
Yes please!!!!!
Sandip Mehta
256. Jeffs3820
I need it...something to hold me until January!
Spencer Powell
257. nelalhurcran
This would be an awesome addition to any WoT collection. Especially mine!
Sandip Mehta
258. EndersArcade
That's spectacular!
Sandip Mehta
262. Robbin
ooohhh!!! pick me!!! pick me!!!! please :)
Sandip Mehta
Sweet!! Thanks for the giveaway :)
Sandip Mehta
263. krej55
this is a comment. the comment is an entry. the entry is for the raffle. the raffle is for the proof.
Sandip Mehta
264. lightkeeper
I have just the place for this on my wall! Sign me up.
James Manly
265. jmanly
My chances of winning this are slim, even if i were the only person who commented my chances would be bad, BUT I WANT ONE!!
Sandip Mehta
266. Boyd68
Please enter me in this contest. This would look great - Framed and hanging on my wall.
Sandip Mehta
267. Jordon
This is so sweet! I NEED this!!!!
Sandip Mehta
269. spmjab
Oooo, me please!!!! Thank you so much for all you do!
Ethan Harris
270. eeh
I dearly wish to receive one of these prints, however, to quote from the first book of the series... "…hope is like a piece of string when you’re drowning; it just isn’t enough to get you out by itself."

However a print off of the cover proof would be more than enough :D :D
Brent Longstaff
271. Brentus
Time to start my re-read soon.

@267: Unfortunately, it is not as Sweet as it might have been, but it's still Whelan which is the best we can have in the circumstances.
Sandip Mehta
273. Amanda T
I'd love to win! Thanks!
Dawn Jobes
274. knightsr4me
I can't wait! Planning a meet up with friends for a signing.
Sandip Mehta
275. NotInventedHere
Ooh, cool. I want one!
Sandip Mehta
276. guenwyvar
as i know im not going to win due the the fact i live in Britain and you never do international compatitions .,...not fair:( but major envy going on as would love one good luck all....:)
Sandip Mehta
277. JTR
Would love to win this. Thanks
Sandip Mehta
278. Alex Litas
OOH, OOH, OOH (hand waving in the air), me, me, me, pick me!! What a cool framed picture this would make, hanging right over these books on my book shelf.
Sandip Mehta
279. Tanja W.
Looks beautiful...Pick me, please! :)
Sandip Mehta
280. WalrusBurger
I'm in, sign me up!
Sandip Mehta
281. teuta
I have the perfect wall space for it...
Sandip Mehta
282. bobbins
Oh pretty! Our wait, it is getting shorter, yes?
Sandip Mehta
283. Alganon
Can't wait
Sandip Mehta
284. Danette O.
Ooooh...that would be cool. I'll give it a shot!
Sandip Mehta
285. RafoMofo
Yes, please, and thank you.
Steven Myers
286. slmyrs
Very cool!! Can hardly wait for the release.
Sandip Mehta
287. jwiedow
The jacket proofs look great! I cannot wait to see the finished product.
Sandip Mehta
288. DesEagle
Thanks for such an insightful post, would love to see more like this for all of Tor's books.

Would love one for my wall, as well!
Lee VanDyke
289. Cloric
This would be an amazing thing to own!
Sandip Mehta
290. PJ132
I'll donate the wall space if you donate the artwork!
Sandip Mehta
291. Amy Trog
To own a piece of history and something really unique from probably the best epic fantasy series would be a great and wonderful oportunity. Pick me please!!!
Sandip Mehta
292. tetsuhara
Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
293. moonsent
So want to win this.
Sandip Mehta
294. Randy Hill
Long Time WOT fan, would love to have this as a memento of an awesome series!
Sandip Mehta
295. Jessica Christen
Please! And thank you. :D
Sandip Mehta
296. JacobM
good luck all
Sandip Mehta
297. Jesse Clark
Wow! This would be awesome! I'm about halfway through the series right now. I'd love something like this!
Sandip Mehta
299. Bill S
It may not be the book, but it would make be happy until(and after) the book comes out.
Sandip Mehta
301. Andrew Binning
I have read the series once, listened on audio 3 times!
I am currently running a D20 WoT RPG game with my famliy.
I WANT! =)
Sandip Mehta
302. Viola
Sandip Mehta
303. Sittingduck
Sign me up for one!
Sandip Mehta
304. Samant1s
It would be perfect for the walls of my gaming room! Please?!
Sandip Mehta
305. Gina P.P.
Ticket in.
/fingers crossed
Sandip Mehta
307. SjBrute
What a great prize! Snagging this would cap off a decades long relationship with the WOT series.
Sandip Mehta
308. pungentodor
Who wouldn't want one of those!?
Sandip Mehta
309. MelissaJ
Oh please pick me pick me!!!!
Sandip Mehta
311. P. H. Pearson
This would be an awesome prize for any avid Wheel of Time fan!

I am eagerly awaiting this last book!

Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
313. priyankarya
Sandip Mehta
314. Chy32
Wow! Coolest contest ever!
Sandip Mehta
316. Tom Browell
Patiently trying to wait for the last book, so I can see what it is like to be able to read one after another at my own speed. One of these covers will help keep me patient.

Jeremy Hull
317. snowdog79
Sign me up!

I actually had a dream that I was reading the book a few nights ago. As I recall, it didn't suck.
Sandip Mehta
318. t2350
A.J. Bobo
319. Daedylus
Oh yeah. I have to get in on this contest.
Jody Chapman
321. AcroElsa
Oh Fancy! I would be so excited to have that hanging on my wall. I am equally as excited as I am somewhat sad that this series is coming to a close. The Wheel of Time has been my favorite book series for over a decade and a half! I have suggested these books more to other people than any other as well. Heck, one of my friends even named their son Matrim. She read all of the books that were out at the time to him while he was still in the womb.
Brigitte Reed
325. brigittereed
Oh, how fun! I would love to have one! : )
Sandip Mehta
326. cj_wildcat
Best WoT cover! (excepting the ebooks) Count me in!
Sandip Mehta
327. JHardaway
That would be totally AWESOME
Sandip Mehta
328. Ragenes
Just moved into a new house where I finally have a room devoted to nothing but books, this would be a great addition!
Sandip Mehta
329. JTrudell
Yes please!
Sandip Mehta
331. bnorwood
That would look so cool hanging on my wall. Wonder if my wife would agree?
Sandip Mehta
332. Dalek Phalm
That would look amazing on my wall!
Sandip Mehta
333. Nolan54
One please...
Sandip Mehta
335. Karen Shoemaker
Count me in on this great contest!
Sandip Mehta
336. Wendy Kidd
Would LOVE one of these!
Sandip Mehta
337. jbForte
Would love to have one of these!
Sandip Mehta
338. BT
Would love to get one of those! I could frame it and hang it by my tower guard shirt! :)
Sandip Mehta
339. Brian McSkywalker
Very, very cool.
Sandip Mehta
342. MSchultz
Can't. Wait.
Sandip Mehta
343. Michael Babienco
Here's to hoping! :)
Sandip Mehta
344. Alex. F.P.
I just can't wait for this book!!!!
Sandip Mehta
345. AerikTitlesTitles
Sandip Mehta
346. BV87
Very cool! Count me in as well, Tor. :)
Sandip Mehta
347. Alarpup
Dang, I'd love to have one of these. :)
Sandip Mehta
348. directions
gimme gimme gimme :)
Can't wait for the last book!
Sandip Mehta
349. ELAshley
Enter me as well! I'd love one!
Sandip Mehta
350. Tenesmus
I never win anything... but yet I keep hoping
Sandip Mehta
351. chibimerrick
wow, so much interest in these covers!! Including me :) I love it!
Anna Hornbostel
352. Crimzen
That would look great with the print of The Way of Kings cover I bought myself for my birthday! :-)
Sandip Mehta
353. Rkf
This would be the perfect wedding surprise for my fiancé!!!!
Sandip Mehta
354. RKSawtell
They look fantastic. Thank you for the plethora of pictures on the printing process. The geek in me was fascinated!
Sandip Mehta
357. Jdabaker
Oh yes, yes yes!
Sandip Mehta
358. Kody
I'm totally geeking out over the chance at getting one of the cover proofs. It'd probably end up on a frame on my wall if I got one of these beauties
Katherine Otto
359. scifibklvr
I'd love to get one of these so I could frame it for my wall!!
Sandip Mehta
360. JWB
So want to enter this sweepstakes!
Sandip Mehta
361. jdevera
That would be great!
Sandip Mehta
362. Kaila
This is awesome!
363. jmanidb
Love the art! I keep it as my phone background. Please send me one!
Sandip Mehta
364. Reimer
Would enjoy winning this!
Sandip Mehta
365. sitarap
Would love me one of that! Thank you!
Sandip Mehta
366. Kleig
Enter me please. Thank you.
Sandip Mehta
369. axa249
Pick me please!
Sandip Mehta
370. David G Robinson
Sandip Mehta
371. EPFehr
That would be so cool! *fingers are crossed*
Ryan R
372. CorDarei
I would like to have a proof.

Sandip Mehta
373. chelcie shell
can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandip Mehta
374. KWalker70
A proof would be wonderful.

Sandip Mehta
375. Jonathan Edwards
I want
Sandip Mehta
376. Bonn B
Fantastic art contest!
378. Juskarath
[color=#4b0082]I would love to have a cover proof! The cover looks beautiful
Sandip Mehta
379. Michele Richards
From "The Eye of the World" to "A Memory of Light" Robert Jordan and now Brandon Sanderson have given these characters life... it's bittersweet anticipating the end of such a rich story... but of course the Wheel of Time turns, and the wind has blown over 16 years of ups and downs and provided countless hours of enjoyment... in 1996 it wasn't the beginning, but it was a beginning. Thanks RJ...
Sandip Mehta
380. daumari
Those are gorgeous. :)
Sharon E.
381. Sulin
I'd hang it on the wall next to my Gallager print of Rand! :D
Nick Marino
384. njm1492
The artwork for that cover is beautiful
Sandip Mehta
385. Toukey
This drawing ...May I find shade!
Sandip Mehta
386. Bluedragon
Wonderful Job. I love how the stagees progress through on the rolls. Amazes me how they do it....just like wallpaper manufacturers.
Sandip Mehta
387. Dni
Beautiful! What a great contest giveaway. Crossing my fingers!
Sandip Mehta
388. kennypro
Please, pick me!
Sandip Mehta
389. Kyla M Johnson
I want one for my hs library!
Sandip Mehta
390. chromiumman
would love this - thanks for the chance
Sandip Mehta
391. Mike Robberts
Okay, so I am just gonna have to re-read the series for the 15th time. I love the idea. I can't wait to start! Winning this contest would be awesome! Thank you so much for giving all of us fans this opportunity!
Sandip Mehta
392. AmandaJ
Yes, please!
Sandip Mehta
393. kasob82
What an amazing offer. So very sad to know I'm preparing to end the journey I've travelled with these characters for so many years, but then again, there are no endings in the wheel of time...
Sandip Mehta
394. Jshep12
I would love one, absolutely love one!!

If I do win, can I trade it back in for a preread of the book? I'll take just a 6 month preread! No? Okay, 3 Months! No? How about just 1 month, that's not too much! No? 1 WEEK, just a week! No? One day! NO? Okay, 1 hour, that's not too much! No? Okay, how about you just let me be first in line! What? I have to get to the store the night before if I want that? Okay, okay, I'll take the print, man...

Sandip Mehta
396. Ceanabhan
If I won this, I'd just drool over it until the book comes out. Thanks for the opportunity.
Sandip Mehta
395. Nicholas L Bright
This is an awesome sweepstakes. Can't wait for AMOL to come out. Re-reading the entire series to recap before it comes out. :-)
Sandip Mehta
398. KyLissa11
Great giveaway!
Sandip Mehta
399. jasons
Would look awesome on my wall
Tim Brickey
400. tbrickey022
I would have this framed and in my office in a second!
Shawn King
401. stk_kreations
Wow! Really excited just for the chance. Couldn't begin to imagine how it'd feel to have this framed, hanging above book shelves... landmark WoT book, and Michael Whelan art!! And not sure if it's because of I'm a graphic designer, but it being a proof makes it a whole lot more exciting for me. Thanks again TOR for an amazing opportunity!
Cheryl English
402. RoyalCheryl
I can picture this on my wall already. Just Amazing. Thank You!
Sandip Mehta
403. Taylor (:
Sandip Mehta
404. Rich H
Wish I could win one
Sandip Mehta
406. SoCalJayhawk
I'm in
Sandip Mehta
407. JohnSloan
That would be rad. Thanks!
Sandip Mehta
408. Will N.
May the Light illumine the hand that picks.
Sandip Mehta
410. Chris Y
That is an awesome thing to have framed!
Sandip Mehta
411. Sunnymay
This cover is superb and has great colors.
Sandip Mehta
412. Adam Fiachmann
Oh, one of those would look mighty fine on my wall!
Sandip Mehta
413. jeandiata
That proof sheet is amazing! I can haz one plz?

::insert most adorable kitten in the world here...unless you like dogs
instead, then it's the cutest darn puppy in the galaxy::
Sandip Mehta
414. Vauric
That would be amazing to have up on my wall!
Sandip Mehta
415. Jimocz
Give me! Give me!
Sandip Mehta
416. akealon
Pretty slick contest!
Sandip Mehta
417. Anna R
Love this cover. It's my desktop at work. Fun to explain to people who notice it about this long we've waited for this book!
Sandip Mehta
418. CourtneyTaylor
Amazing! This would be lovely to have framed.
Sandip Mehta
419. DRobertW
The printing process reminds me of silkscreening, only a lot bigger.

And more metal.

That being said I hope I win one of those proofs.
Sandip Mehta
420. waurg
I want it so much! I want it inside... my room
Sandip Mehta
421. Trez
This would be amazing to win.
Sandip Mehta
422. FlyingLawnChair
Everything on my wall would come down for this.. it's just that awesome.
Sandip Mehta
424. Joani s
My fingers are curling from want so bad I can barely type this. So pretty, I NEED this!! Thank you so much for the contest!!
Sandip Mehta
425. Kristi C
Another amazing contest!!! THANKS!!!
Sandip Mehta
426. DrLew13
Hard to believe the intricacies of the get the cover art work out. Thanks to Robert, may his memory be a blessing, Harriet, Brandon, TOR and all the unknown, unnamed and unacknowledged elves involved in making us readers so happy with THE PRETTY PICTURES!
Sandip Mehta
427. NRTomasheski
Cool! Would love to win this to display proudly.
Jeff Schweer
429. JeffS.
This would be very cool to have and if I don't win one, I'll be OK but insufferably jealous of those that do. On the other hand, If I win, I'll just be insufferable...
Sandip Mehta
430. Arielle Bowen
my favorite series would be awesome to win this
Dorian Lehner
431. bubbajohn
Please enter me, very cool to understand the process!
Sandip Mehta
432. CJG
This would be really cool.
Sandip Mehta
433. Dave Allan
Hate to see this series end but this is a spectacular send off cover!
Sandip Mehta
434. CGK
I always love going on press checks. This is a fantastic contest, and thanks to Tor & Irene for sharing the fun!
Sandip Mehta
435. Palmer Pellham
My dad is a printer. I remember the smell of the shop and taking blank paper and making something beautiful. I would love to win one.
Sandip Mehta
438. eilidhdawn
pretty please; thank you
Sandip Mehta
439. Benjamin J. Forsberg
Can I get it signed, too? (Doesn't have to be by Brandon . . . the janitor's fine.)
Sandip Mehta
440. Jason P.
Awesome prize!!!
Sandip Mehta
441. Jill Alters
I haven't managed to win one of the backpacks, but please enter me in this one too. :-)
Sandip Mehta
442. robby b.
Those look awesome! They'd look even better on my office wall. :)
Jerramy Doughty
443. Dohtig
Not even 500 comments yet? So you're saying I have a chance?
Richard Caywood
445. rcaywood
Please, one of these would serve as a great accent on the wall right above my bat'leH.
Sandip Mehta
449. Aaron Steele
That would look awesome on my wall! A thing of beauty!
450. jteternal2
Nice I would love to have that and frame it up on my family room.
Sandip Mehta
451. kirkgray
Sign me up!
Sandip Mehta
453. Doug Croft
Would love to have one!
Sandip Mehta
454. Gideon Stewart
Sign me up. :D
Sandip Mehta
455. KJ
Probably one of the only times in my life I'll curse being an Aussie.

Sandip Mehta
457. Neroon
Can I have an amen
Sandip Mehta
458. Tom Hewitt
The wheel wills as the wheel wills.
Sandip Mehta
459. jkingdude
cant believe its been over 20 years! Wanna read the ending and then wait for the movie/mini-series.
Tony Warren
460. AdrianConquest
Truly a thing of beauty. I can't wait to win one. :-D
Sandip Mehta
463. Lizzie Laundry
This is so awesome!!!! Please pick me!!
Sandip Mehta
464. Lou K
big bucks, no whammy! ::waits:: $40?! thats not even on the board!
Sandip Mehta
465. Darth Touma
This is suitable for framing.. A perfect addition to home decor.. I would gladly accept this prize..
Sandip Mehta
467. jrt
add me to the list wanting one
Sandip Mehta
468. JAJ22
Awesome! I'd like one please!!!
Sandip Mehta
469. Kalam
Yes, please.
Sandip Mehta
470. Shadar Slayer
This sweepstakes and the previews from the book are keeing me from going crazy with anticipation.
Sandip Mehta
471. Felonius Monk
Can I have one too, please?
Adam Loops
472. Cecero
Awesome! I am looking forward to this book!
Wolf Bro Joe
473. Wolf Bro Joe
Please add me to the sweepstakes for the cover!
Sandip Mehta
474. JT Thomas
Why, yes, I would love a chance to win this, thank you very much!
Sandip Mehta
475. Band of The Red Hand
would look great in my new apartment
Sandip Mehta
476. rachacon
from a old vet that has loved these book for al0ng time Great cover can't wait for the book.
Sandip Mehta
477. joeloony
I have the spot for it on my wall already! Please please please win! Good luck to everyone!
Sandip Mehta
478. Nate McManus
This would look great on the wall in my room, also it would be a great way to memorialize the 20+ years I've been deeply engrossed by this epic series. Thanks for the opportunity.
Sandip Mehta
479. Jason (2)
Me please.
Sandip Mehta
480. caesedai
My daughter got me hooked on this series about 4 years ago. I've been addicted ever since. This would be an awesome "thank you" gift for that. Don't ya think?!!
Lori Merritt
481. DarkCyd
Would love to add this to my WOT collection!
Sandip Mehta
482. William Jardine
Looks great would really like one.
A k
483. light
They look great I want one so bad:D
Gary Singer
484. AhoyMatey
I'd love one thanks! Or, pick me, pick me!
Sandip Mehta
485. Anaximenes
I have just the spot on my wall for this too! :-D
Sandip Mehta
487. GreatPigeon
Just got my wisdom teeth removed, hence I deserve this...
Sarah Wolf
488. SWolf
Looking forward to having this on my wall!
Sandip Mehta
489. mememememe
Yes, please, I will take them off your hands.
Sandip Mehta
490. JGH
Would love one! Thanks.
Sandip Mehta
491. RugbyMoose6
Awesome!!!! too bad i never win theses contests.
Sandip Mehta
492. Peter W. Horton Jr.
I live to win!
Sandip Mehta
493. Jeremie Gregory
This would be the perfect beginning for my WoT Themed room I am planning to create. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time but its a beginning
Sandip Mehta
494. AliKat
They're so pretty! I want one! :)
Hope I win!
Sandip Mehta
495. Joshua Strasburg
Yes, please! So amazing! Thanks for the chance.
Sandip Mehta
496. Sakuramboo
I would love one!
Sandip Mehta
497. ShaolinSteve
The end of an age approaches. I cannot wait.
Sandip Mehta
498. rhs2042
I would be happy to have one.
Sandip Mehta
499. Bootleg Snacks
I am enetering for my wife who loves, loves, loves her some Wheel of Time. I thinking winning this for her would be pretty cool. Thank you for the opportunity.
Sandip Mehta
500. Raven77Fire
OH so cruel... I can't enter because I'm not from the states :-(
*sobs piteously*
And the irony is, I need one more, because they don't release these with the cool cover art here.... they're plain covers with just the Wheel of Time on them.
Brad Ashton
501. bashton
Oh please pick me! I love this series!
Sandip Mehta
502. alfredo e lares
love to have one please!
Sandip Mehta
503. Jeffy P
These look amazing! I would love one please.
Sandip Mehta
504. Hubert
Ooh, new book smell.
Sandip Mehta
505. yelworchard
What a Great contest! I have always loved Michael Whelans artwork.
greg scott
507. worthy
OMG this would be about the coolest thing I owned if I was lucky enough to win! So cool!!!
Sandip Mehta
508. JS McD
One of the few times I wished I was domiciled in the states. Just a pitty these comps are not applicable for us in the uk :-(
Sandip Mehta
509. Starlon99
I have this artwork as my background on both my computer screens and my iTouch. I can't wait for the release!
I do read sometimes
-Matrim Cauthon
Sandip Mehta
510. KJ
I would love to have one of these! I can't wait for the final book to come out and see what happens!
Sandip Mehta
511. Bryun
That would look spetacular framed up on my wall!
Sandip Mehta
512. Clint Boxley
Awesome : )
Craig Barnett
513. Ommadawn
Th is would indeed look amazing in a frame, and on my wall.
Sandip Mehta
515. J Pusher1
Would love to have a Proof of the Best book series, the next best thing to having the book itself
Sandip Mehta
517. Aleksismichael
I would enjoy geting a copy of hte book but i dont know i guess i will have to just buy a copy.. .which is all good... proly get a audio book copy from audible too etc with a token which is how im trying to get htem all etc :/
Sandip Mehta
518. Moshiah
This would be awesome!
Sandip Mehta
519. CC in Rochester
Me too! Got the spot on my wall all picked out. Thanks Tor.
Sandip Mehta
520. Bonhoor
Good contest
Sandip Mehta
521. srizzo00
Pick me! Pick me!
Sandip Mehta
522. Eugenecollege
Oh yes, please. That sounds amazing.
Sandip Mehta
526. Full Tun
Hate to see it end but can't wait to find out!
Sandip Mehta
527. Randal T
Would love it
Sandip Mehta
528. bryanb
Got to see how it ends.
Sandip Mehta
530. cinemaniac7147
ME!! I want one!
Sandip Mehta
531. Kenb
I would LOVE one of those. I'm not too late am I?
Sandip Mehta
532. Zack House
This would be awesome!
Sandip Mehta
533. Orayelle
Um, I would very much like this.
Sandip Mehta
534. Gaylene Helling
Iwant a proof of Rand Land

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