Jul 6 2012 6:00pm

How Superman Got Us Interested in Dinosaurs

What if we told you there’s a documentary from 1985 that is hosted by Superman, full of stop-motion dinosaurs, and which posits the existence of a “dinosaur man”? Would you raise your eyebrow at us or would you, like our staff writer, immediately say, “I watched this every day as a kid. Every. Day.” then proceed to recite along with the documentary?

Whatever your reaction, we welcome you to watch Dinosaur!, hosted by Christopher Reeve, in its entirety as provided by the DinosaurTheatre YouTube channel.

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2. Caley
I don't remember watching this, but the simiarly named Dinosaurs! (hosted by a young Fred Savage) was in my regular rotation as a kid. Our house was broken into when I was in third grade; among the grabbed goods were all of our VHS tapes. This one was the only one I remember my parents rebuying.

The first few minutes are here: sure to watch until the 2 minute mark for a hugely 80s dinosaur rock anthem.

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