Jul 16 2012 5:10pm

Hellboy 3 Might Be Underway Thanks to One Boy’s Wish

For those who hadn’t heard yet, Ron Perlman recently donned his Hellboy makeup... but it wasn’t to walk onto a film set. It was to spend the day with a boy named Zachary, a six-year-old who had told the Make A Wish Foundation that he wanted to meet the big red guy. That story alone was enough to warm our hearts.

It was also enough to warm Guillermo del Toro’s.

While the Hellboy director has avoided talk of a third film for the past four years, it seems that Perlman’s encounter with Zachary has moved him to action; he has just announced that plans to make Hellboy 3 are now underway. None of the permissions are set, but this is incredible news nonetheless. And we don’t mean because we’re all excited to see how it ends (though of course, we are). What’s incredible is knowing that one little boy’s love made all the difference.

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1. Tumas-Muscat
Well done for the Make a Wish Foundation for making this boy's dream come true, it really is heart-warming! If it helps our dream of seeing Hellboy 3 a reality, all the better!
Autumn Greenley
2. NoQuestions
There is nothing that is NOT great about this.
3. bcarman
I want to draw Hellboy monsters for them.
4. MisterSlayer
I don't know weather this is great we get to see Hellboy 3 or that its sad that the kid who inspired this may not get to see it. Never have I been so conflicted.
5. Merida
I think this is wonderful. Make A Wish Foundation and other similar organisations are fantastic and don't get no where near the recognition they deserve. I loved the Hell Boy movies and to see them reginited because of one boys wish is beautiful and heart-warming. Bring on Hell Boy 3!
6. Bud
This makes me so happy! Whatever they do, I hope they use the Baba Yaga as the villain!
8. Kat-Sapien
Thank you Zachery! You have made the most amazing wish, hands down! May you be well soon! I have been waiting four years to see this movie and I hope Zachary can see it too! Thank you!
10. jamieann jones
Yippy!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HELLBOY!!!!!!
11. Mousie
I'm glad that Ron Perlman did that for the boy, I adore the movies (as does my mom).
I guess I'm too old for Make a Wish, but, hey, I've survived 44 brain surgeries, it would kinda be fun to meet Hell Boy!
(this is not a lie, folks, I'm for real)
Neurosurgeons fear me:)
12. Shirley young
This story has really touched my heart, for i have suffered the loss of a son in 1997. It is truely a wonderful thing u did and i admire u for that. I do hope to see Hellboy3 someday for I do have the first 2 and love every minute of them. Thank you for your time.
13. ChrisFromNowhere
It really really REALLY gets warm on heart with reading about that some of the famous people want to do such things... I'm proud of Mr. Perlman : > and very excited of Hellboy 3 : )
14. noa
i love hell boy it is one of the best movies to me. i was like holy crap hell boy 3
15. Candy Snell
I want to say I hope that it works out. I love part 1 and 2 and was thinking they have to have a 3. She pregnant with twins. I'm courious to see who they tuned out like.
Good Luck hope it comes true
16. AnthonyB.
This comment may be a little late, But this little boy has touched many including myself. Anything he could have asked for, anything at all, and this was his choice. I pray that he is still with us and wish the best for him. As for the movie? The first two were done very well, I'm sure the third will be just as great. A boy and a small request to warm his heart may turn into a mutimillion dollar project.....I love it!
17. Alicia A.
So excited!
18. twinstick
Awesome. The only way this could be any better is a box full of kittens...
19. Pjackson
CAN'T WAIT! Part 3 should be really good. If we recall on Pt 2 his love was pregnant and hinted TWINS!!! wow...

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