Jul 13 2012 11:50am

Happy 70th Birthday, Harrison Ford! You Have Outlived This Snake

Most of us probably wouldn’t be quite who we are today without Harrison Ford. He taught us how to flirt, grin, beat up the bad guys, and generally be cool. We think he’s still the best and we’re raising our glasses to him today.

It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage. 

John Massey
1. subwoofer

Happy birthday to the guy that made being a nerd cool and also changed the face of movies as we know them... and my 3rd favorite carpenter:D

There will always be only one "Dr. Jones".

"You call this archaeology?"

2. SueQ
I have been vindicated. When Star Wars first came out, everyone I knew was ga-ga over Luke Skywalker. 'What do you mean, you like the side-kick spaceship pilot with the big, hairy side-kick?' they would ask me. (Actually, I thought Chewbacca was cool too.) Ha!!! Congrats on the BIG 70 Harrison. One question: when's the next Indy movie? Come on, don't make me wait so long again: neither of us is getting any younger.

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