Jul 19 2012 1:30pm

Gaming Roundup: Grand Theft Auto V Edition

Earlier this week, Rockstar released a couple of new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, but not much else by way of news or details, leaving GTA fans chomping at the bit for more information. Since the game’s announcement trailer last November, Rockstar has pulled the curtains shut on its development, with all news drying up to a slow trickle. The silence surrounding the game strongly suggests that the kerfuffle raised earlier in the year by developer’s resume stating a fall 2012 release may indeed have been for naught.

Despite the hush-hush development, gamers were able to glean a fact or two from a recent Q&A hosted by Rockstar which covered both Max Payne 3 and GTA. Most significant, perhaps, is the news that planes, jets, and other forms of aircraft will be making a triumphant return in GTA V, after being notably absent from GTA IV. Rockstar felt GTA IV was simply too small to properly support flying vehicles; however, this is no longer the case. In fact, the developer claims that GTA V is their “biggest open world game to date.” That’s a lot to live up to, but the bigger GTA V is, the longer we’ll be able to tide ourselves over until Red Dead Redemption 2...

In other gaming news this week, Sleeping Dogs looks poised to become a monster hit, the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series returns, Sony leaks new Playstation photographs — but not the ones we’ve been hoping for, Sam Raimi drops the World of Warcraft movie, and gamers kill Salman Rushdie — wait, what? Read on!

  • Sleeping Dogs, a revelation at this year’s E3, looks to bring hard-boiled Hong Kong cinema to the video gaming masses in a GTA-style open world crime thriller set in (where else?) Hong Kong. Some top-notch star power is associated with the game, including Edison Chen, Lucy Liu, Emma Stone, and Kelly Hu. IGN brings us a sneak preview:

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Walker White
1. Walker
While I enjoyed it, RDR was a really overrated game. As a hunting sim it was great, but in everyway else it was quite flawed.

The Undead DLC really proved how bad the gun mechanics were. Sitting on a roof top, it was impossible to aim at Undead that you could clearly see without the gun; aiming changed your angle of visibility drastically. Cover mechanics were equally wonky.

But the worst feature was that this is the game where it was hard to enter doors. If you were off just a bit, you got caught on the door edge. And because turning always shuffled you to the side, you found yourself dancing across either side of the door. It was easier to run away and then try the door again.

How a game with such horrible controls got a metacritic higher than 80 is beyond me. Fantastic idea. Not so great execution.

Honestly, with the new outdoor parkour, I think AC3 will do a much better job of realizing the open world frontier-style game. The AC engine has much smoother controls than the clunky Rockstar games.
Theresa DeLucci
2. theresa_delucci
Red Dead Redemption is probably my favorite game ever. =/

I find gun mechanics pretty awful in all Rockstar Games. One of these days, they'll get it right. The only part of Undead aiming that annoyed me greatly was trying to aim to kill those skittering zombies. If they got too close, you still couldn't angle the camera at them. But I thought the cover system was pretty decent and I don't remember having the problem with entering through doors.

For me it was mostly about the gorgeous sprawling landscapes, the voice acting, and the story itself. And riding into Mexico to the tune of Jose Gonzales' "Far Away." Definitely Rockstar's best game. (Though I loved the insanity of GTA: San Andreas.) I think that's where the critics' score comes in.
Pritpaul Bains
3. Kickpuncher
I think the gun mechanics for Max Payne 3 are reportedly pretty good, but they better be, considering the game is basically a pure third-person action shooter.

RDR is right up there with my favorite R* games as well. In terms of gameplay depth, maybe not (i.e. it did have open-world syndrome to an extent, where the tasks and events started to feel a bit similar) but the story, the atmosphere, and just randomly riding around a beautifully realized world was enough for me.

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