Jul 16 2012 5:40pm

For $1000 Nathan Fillion Will Rock Your World (and Adam Baldwin Will Help)

Charity often brings out the best in people, and what could be sweeter than a fan using some hard-earned cash to make her fandom dreams come true. During Zachary Levi’s (of Chuck fame, and soon to be Fandral’s new face in the next Thor film) Nerd HQ panel, fans got to see one lucky lady donate $1000 to Operation Smile in return for a full on kiss from the actor. He was more than game, giving her quite the Hollywood treatment, as the above dip would indicate.

But Firefly’s Nathan Fillion wasn’t letting that rest until he got in on the action.

It would seem as though Fillion just couldn’t let that chartible contribution go without adding to it. The spirit of giving does this to people, you know. He walked up to the stage, literally threw a heap of cash at Levi, and took a kiss for himself. And because his Serenity cohort Adam Baldwin was there as well... oh, just watch it:

Thank you, Comic Con. We wouldn’t be the same without moments like this.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby would gladly kiss someone if they would donate $1000 dollars to the Spaceless Rocket Fund. Those poor rockets.

1. Anemone

That was epic!!!
4. carmencatalina
Pretty people kissing for charity. The world is sometimes a lovely, lovely place.
5. Cody91
And on that day 10, ooo slash fanfics were written.
6. DY
Slashfic- the gift that keeps on giving. :D
7. alanapaints
so. Money CAN buy happiness. Good to know. :-)
8. Tal
Wow. That's about the only not-jerky thing Adam Baldwin has ever done.
9. Chevko
... A suddenly a thousand more slash fics were born.

... I wanna get in on this action T___T
10. LaraAmber
and...I'll be in my bunk
11. Thlaelu
The headline.was misleading as it was Zach "rockin" someones world & Nathan getting in on the. Action. But it was very good in the end! Always knew my boyfriend of a roommate of a pizza guy would do good for himself. Soo wish I could have been there. We always have Drive.

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