Jul 3 2012 6:00pm

Celebrate July 4th with Benedict Cumberbatch!

Cumberbatch! America!!!

Just a quick heads up from the rocket-frantics at Tor.com that even though we’ll be enjoying the Fourth of July with an apparently fiercely pro-American Benedict Cumberbatch, we’ll still be publishing new stories tomorrow, including some original fiction from Michael Swanwick. Have a great break! See you on the other side!

And yes, we’ve been holding on to this image for quite a while...

Boston Bibliophile
1. Boston Bibliophile
Now you just need to put him in a Three Wolf Moon shirt.
Boston Bibliophile
3. Barbara J. Schwartz
Curse you, Photoshop! You're just torturing me. Man would be hot in a Pep Boys jumpsuit.
Boston Bibliophile
5. Peter Mountain
He needs a gun.

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