Jul 3 2012 2:45pm

Can We Keep Martin Freeman? New Hobbit Photos!

We present to you this adorable picture of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Don’t you wish there was a plush version for you to cuddle?

Seriously, though, we’re digging the chance to finally get a good look at his full costume. Bilbo’s definitely got his own thing going on with that dapper green waistcoat and crisp-looking shirt, but his coat is rightfully reminiscent of Frodo’s in the trilogy. And his walking stick is just the coolest.

Entertainment Weekly has released a set of exclusive photos from The Hobbit, and they’re all so gosh darn pretty. (There’s an especially cool one of the dwarves from a key part in the book that will make you giggle.) So, you know, you should probably check those out.

Stubby the Rocket is the Tor.com mascot. Stubby thought the tea at Bag End was lovely.

Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
1. Lisamarie
VERY excited :) I also think it is pretty neat that they are incorporating some of the backstory (the White Council, etc) into it! Just hoping that all this 'Tauriel' nonsense doesn't ruin the whole thing (*cough*Faramir*cough*).
3. Tehanu
The pics are great and I love Martin Freeman, I think he'll be perfect for Bilbo ... but once again PJ's costume department has screwed up the hobbit feet. They're supposed to be covered in "brown curling hair like the hair of their heads" -- not just a patch of scraggly hairs on part of the top side. Why don't they pay any attention to what Tolkien said?
4. Earl Rogers
Tehanu: Practicality and safety concerns, maybe? Fake fur all over a foot would probably wear out quickly, be more expensive to maintain, and possibly cause problems for the performer.

But I'm only guessing.
Jenny Thrash
7. Sihaya
#3: What, you mean like the fact that Bilbo pulled a set of carefully packed, battered old travelling clothes out of storage before setting off on his journey in the trilogy? Looks like they paid attention just fine. The hair on their feet is curly and the same color as the hair on their heads, so it looks to me like it's simply a matter of interpretation of your definition of 'covered.' Disagreeing isn't the same as ignoring or being careless.
Wolf Lahti
8. wolflahti
No one, not in illustrations or the films, has ever gotten the foot hair right, which in the books is consistently described as thick and wooly, completely covering the feet, including backs of the heels. I suppose they don't adhere to canon because doing so would make it look as though they were wearing bunny slippers--but a closer approximation than I've ever seen done would be nice.
9. Killjoy
Honestly, if all anyone can find to complain about is how much hair is or isn't on a hobbit's feet, then I think they're probably doing just fine.

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