Jul 30 2012 12:42pm

But You Didn’t Have to Stoop So Low. True Blood: “Somebody That I Used To Know”

No, True Blood thankfully didn’t play that Gotye song over the ending credits, despite it being as omnipresent as Lilith this summer. But that didn’t stop it from worming its way into my head tonight. Ergo, Gotye is more insidious than a naked vampire goddess.

Lafayette is basically Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost now. The wolf pack in Shreveport gets its leader. Despite being a vampire, Tara hasn’t evolved since high school. And Sam comes weirdly close to kissing himself.

Sometimes I can’t believe the sentences this show makes me type.


I think shifting into your boyfriend’s body qualifies you as a psycho girlfriend. Sam Trammell did an excellent job playing two Sams. Loved the “Free Mustache Rides” sweatshirt Luna had to steal before she fled the hospital. I know she’s upset, but how is her plan any better than Sam’s? Once events led the shifter couple and Andy to the house where Jessica was imprisoned, Luna sniffed out a “large woman who loves Doritos.” Is Hoyt’s mama Maxine the “Dragon” the hate group has been getting orders from? It would make sense— Maxine is a bigot, she really hates Jessica, and those dudes really should’ve killed Hoyt for being a fangbanger. Wouldn’t Sam recognize her scent?


Good on Jesus for being smart enough to include a vial of V in his first aid kit so we didn’t have to see Lala’s tortured lips for long. I can’t say that escaping Jesus’ grandfather and seeing Jesus’ ghost was satisfying closure for this couple. It was a nice, quiet moment, but Lafayette needs more to do than cower and be a plot-servicey medium. Though the face he pulled when Arlene told him about Terry’s fire monster was pretty classic. Still, I’d rather watch him smoke a blunt and dance for his webcam than get dragged into the Terry story.


Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Way to stick to your guns, fire monster. That Scott or Terry must kill the other in order to lift the curse doesn’t seem like smart vengeance to me.


Am I this jaded by years of watching TV or is True Blood just really slacking on the suspense this season? I didn’t believe Hoyt was going to kill Jessica for even one second. All the whining and slut-shaming he did about his ex really just made me hate him more. Get over it already. Jessica was way nicer to him than I would’ve been.


Alcide not becoming the pack leader was a surprise to me, but after his first scene of the night, all I could think of was Madeline Kahn saying “Woof.”


Tara is wisely back to tending bar and looking waaaay more comfortable. And cute. People who dwell on high school are kind of sad. Living well is the best revenge. Tara is hot and immortal, her rival’s sports car can’t really top that. Then again, bitch deserved what was coming for calling Tara uppity in the most unsavory way possible. Pam, too, should watch it with that word. This maker-child relationship has an uncomfortable dynamic. Wonder if Tara will break out of Fangtasia or maybe listen to what Pam’s trying (in her caustic way) to teach her?

And how hot did Pam and Tara look in their PVC geisha outfits?


I’ve been enjoying Jason getting in touch with his Stackhouse fairy roots. Tonight’s big non-reveal was the flashback to the night Sookie and Jason’s parents were murdered. Sookie can’t normally get into a vampire’s mind, but she was able to this time. If the killer was indeed a vampire. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe the suspect is... Darkman? That Claudine knew him was strange. Was it a set-up? I’m not sure, but that jawline sure looked like Russell’s.



This episode was directed by Bill Compton himself, Stephen Moyer. Maybe he felt Bill needed another old-timey flashback to his dying daughter to add to the Emmy reel? Because that scene really didn’t add anything else. The vampire flashbacks are handled so badly on this show. What a waste of a costume budget. Anyways, Bill certainly drank the Lilith-flavored Kool-Aid. Or has he? If Bill’s faking it like Eric is, he’s downright diabolical and way more convincing. Now the Authority’s plot is really kicking into gear. The whole mainstream movement is threatened, Tru Blood itself is threatened. This is a huge development.

Next week: Russell and Steve get a spinoff set in the Triad-owned massage parlors of Hong Kong. We wish.


True Blood airs Sundays at 9PM E/PT on HBO.

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1. Sarasota
Overall I'm finding the season boring. Even the faeries are dull.
2. Gardner Dozois
Liked the episode, as I've liked most of the season, although as usual there was dumb stuff in it.

I'm practically certain that Hoyt's mother is "The Dragon," which is too bad in a way, because it probably means that Hoyt isn't about to get killed, as they try to make you think he's about to be. I'm tired of Hoyt, and wouldn't mind seeing him get offed.

Sam did a great job playing against himself, as it were, and I loved it that the two Sams almost kissed; they should have had them go on to have sex, although that might have been too much even for TRUE BLOOD. I ranted last week about how silly it was to have Sam and Luna up and walking around after being shot through the body with high-powered rifles, and it wasn't any less silly this week, although they did have Luna clutch the neat little bandage on her side and look pained a couple of times. As for her dying from Skinwalker Disease, or whatever it's supposed to be, even more than with Sam's brother, I wondered, why don't you just give her some vampire blood? Especially as you have a vampire STANDING RIGHT THERE who would probably agree to help.

Why does everybody turn into Sam when they come down with this? Who's SAM going to turn into, when he does?

Luna's plan--hunt down the rednecks and kill them--is actually more realistic than Sam's, which seems to be hunt down the rednecks and get Andy to arrest them. They lead the Hospital Redneck off in handcuffs, but where's the evidence to hold him in jail? Sam could SMELL that he did it? Unless the law has changed a lot from ours in this universe, that wouldn't hold up in court for five seconds, and he could probably sue Andy for false arrest and Sam for assault.

I think Bill may be faking his conversion and playing a long game, and if he is, he's way more Machivellian than Eric, who keeps acting in ways to make the rest of them suspicious, and has just admitted to one of the Council members that he doesn't think Lilith is real. As I said last week, I don't either. I'm also still boggling at the idea of the ghost of a vampire. Does this mean that when vampires die, they get to go on to an Afterlife, just like humans do? (That the Afterlife is real has been well-established as part of the reality of this show.) Do the "good vampires," of which there can't be many, go to Heaven, while the bad vampires go to Hell? Or do they just float around looking all glowy? One of the things Marnie was boasting about last season was that the souls of humans got to survive forever in the Afterlife, while the souls of vampires did not, but apparently Godric is having it both ways.

Lafyette is definitely going to get dragged into the Terry plotline, and yes, he really should grow more of a pair. I'm getting tired of him cowering and whimpering.

I think the vampire on the bridge is probably going to turn out to be Russell, although it would be more interesting dramatically if it turned out to have been Bill.
Theresa DeLucci
3. theresa_delucci
I did entertain the thought of Bill when Sookie had her vision in the mirror and the face said "You are mine!" But how many times can Sookie be screwed over by Bill? Would they go to that well again?
Don Barkauskas
4. bad_platypus
Since the reason Sookie was seeing through her mom's eyes was that she had a better conenction to her mother than her father, I assumed that meant that the reason she jumped to the vampire's viewpoint was that she had an even stronger emotional connection there, so I immediately thought of Bill.
5. Gardner Dozois
It would be interesting if it was Bill because it would certainly complicate their future relationship. "Yes, I killed your parents, but that was back when I was Bad, and now I've changed and I swear I'll never do it again!" Since Sookie and Bill both clearly still have feelings for each other (oddly, perhaps Bill more so than Sookie), this would throw a monkey wrench nicely into that, especially if Jason finds out and wants to kill Bill. Would test how much Sookie can forgive, and put her loyalty to the test, with a choice between Bill and Jason.
6. Gardner Dozois
Also, I've just realized, that it leads to the possibility that Bill was checking up on Sookie's bloodline, way back when, because he knew there was a fairy in the family somewhere, rather than checking up for the Queen, as we've been lead to believe.
Chuk Goodin
7. Chuk
Sam already has the Skinwalker thing but he just turns into himself so no one notices.
8. Gardner Dozois
Also, I've just realized, that it leads to the possibility that Bill was checking up on Sookie's bloodline, way back when, because he knew there was a fairy in the family somewhere, rather than checking up for the Queen, as we've been lead to believe.
9. Gardner Dozois
Don't know why that posted twice, sorry.

Chuck, if you turn into yourself in a forest when there's nobody there to hear, does it make a noise?
10. Iamme
During that Sookie/Jason/faery family ring-around-the-rosie circle flashback, anyone else get the vibe Sookie's mom knew the killer? Something about the look on her face; I swore it read recognition. It will probably turn out to be Bill although I'd adore a completely unexpected twist and have it be someone we'd least suspect.

So if Hoyt's mama - Maxine - is the Grand Dragon, was that her in the truck there at the end, holding the rifle in Hoyt's face? No way in hell that woman's gonna kill her boy. Kidnap and lock him in the basement? Yeah. Kill? No. Honestly, I figured the old sheriff (can't recall his name) would turn out to be the Grand Dragon.

Did I miss an explanation of some sort from Jesus' father's chickie-with-a-bun-in-the-oven as to why she knifed him to death and then freed LaLa? The show has so many loose ends.
Theresa DeLucci
11. theresa_delucci
Okay, I'm definitely thinking that it was Bill on the bridge. You guys have convinced me.

@10 I think the gloved hand pointing a gun and Hoyt was just the Dragon's henchman. I don't quite think Hoyt would react in that casual, smiling way to his mom after all the headache she's caused him.

Yeah, I don't think we're getting an explanation on why Jesus's grandfather's lady decided to kill him at that convenient moment instead of, say, months ago. Did she stab the rubber mask demon dead forever? I hope so. Man, Lala is floundering this season. That storyline went nowhere!
12. Gardner Dozois
Is it possible that she chose that moment to kill Jesus's grandfather because she DIDN'T WANT him to put all that evil magic into her baby? It's the only explanation I can think of. Not sure why that would get the Rubber Mask Demon out of Lafyette, since Foxy Evil Grandfather didn't go through with the magic ceremony, so my guess would be that it's still in there.

I suppose that we're supposed to think that Evil Grandfather came all the way up from Mexico and stole Jesus's body, although that doesn't make much sense. Yes, this was a badly handled storyline that went nowhere and wasted a lot of potential, which has been true of all of Lafyette's storylines the last couple of seasons. I don't think they have any idea what to do with him anymore.

I'm willing to bet that The Dragon is Hoyt's mother (although it being the old Sheriff is an interesting idea) and that they're going to kidnap Hoyt and lock him in a basement rather than kill him. Maybe Jason will rescue him, or Jason and Jessica, which would be amusing.

I thought that the previous Coming Attractions showed Tara feeding on a helpless Pam, which would have been interesting, but, somewhat disappointingly, it turned out to be a nameless woman you'd never heard of instead.
Shoshana Kessock
13. ShoshanaK
Agreed on the unnecessary flashback scene for Bill. I like the character but MAN is it just an excuse over and over for him to put on period gear and work up his angst.

The best parts of last nights episode HAD to be Eric's moral compass action and Alcide. Well... just... all of Alcide. That scene was... yeah, you're right. Woof. And Luna turning into Sam was kind of strange and seemingly out of place to me.

The jawline? Definitely looked like Russell to me too. But there's another name there, and Jason had a look like he recognized it.
Ashe Armstrong
14. AsheSaoirse
Kill Hoyt and give us the Russell/Steve spin-off.
15. SueQ
As a book addict, and since I don't get HBO, I've (GASP!!) never seen True Blood except as bits and bites (pun intended) on YouTube. I have read all of the books, though. But, if I was going to kiss anyone on this show, it would definately be Sam: hot, cute, furry and employed. Mmm-Mmm!!
16. Gardner Dozois
"Hot, Cute, Furry, and Employed" would make a great T-shirt.

All the TRUE BLOOD seasons are available on DVD, except the current one.

Agreed that the flashback scene for Bill was unnecessary, and I'm not sure what moral it was supposed to be drawing for him, since immediately afterward he tucks into the girl for a midnight snack. It was also incredibly cruel on his part, to go to his daughter's deathbed and stand there refusing to save her after he'd told her that he COULD. If he wasn't going to act, better to have stayed away and not visited her at all.

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