Jul 31 2012 12:40pm

Big Doctor Who Season 7 Spoiler Possibly Confirmed

Big Doctor Who Season 7 Spoiler Possibly Confirmed

We know Amy and Rory’s final episode on Doctor Who is coming next season (five episodes in, specifically) and we know they’ve been filming in New York City. Back in the spring we speculated (along with several other fans) that one particular plot point was going to happen. It blew our minds then, and it’s blowing our minds now. And now The Daily Star is saying it’s real. Check below the cut for this possible spoiler.

Seriously, this is a possible spoiler.


Now, this article from The Daily Star has a typo in it’s headline (“Waht a Liberty”), but still. The speculation back in March was that the Weeping Angels, which are confirmed to be featured in Amy and Rory’s final episode, would be featured in a way that is very specific to New York City.

Basically, New York City presents a perfect trap for this kind of Weeping Angel. An Angel that always has at least one set of eyes on it.


Others will also note that young Melody Pond ended up in New York City in the latter half of the 20th century before her (assumed) regeneration into Mel. Since the Angels send people back in time and feed on the timelines they never lived, might Amy and Rory find themselves actually raising their daughter?

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby orbits the Statue of Liberty with a cloaking device.

James Davis Nicoll
1. James Davis Nicoll
So the basic idea is that the statue that symbolizes America as a haven for the poor and oppressed of other nations is a soulless monster, 46 meters of pure, predatory evil threatening everything good and decent in the USA? I can see absolutely nothing problematic with that idea.
James Davis Nicoll
2. Natenanimous
@ James: The statue was a gift from France, so given recent feelings perhaps Americans will be okay with the idea? You just knew those French people were out to get them. :p
James Davis Nicoll
3. James Davis Nicoll
But why would a British show play to American prejudices? It's like England and France fought an intermittent war over nearly a millennium.
James Davis Nicoll
4. James Davis Nicoll
Or maybe there's a large BNP contingent in Who Fandom. Who can say?
Roy McCarty
5. kloud213
Maybe Moffat just wants to use a huge Iconic statue as a really cool plot device, with no political motivations?
James Davis Nicoll
6. StrongDreams
While the idea of Lady Liberty being a weaping angel has a certain "Wow, cool!" factor, there is much that would need to be explained. The internal staircase, and the tourist viewing areas in the crown and torch, for example. The statue was pretty much rebuilt from the inside out during the 1980s. Would Moffat just ignore all that, or come up with some bafflegab explanation of how a hollow statue could be an angle? It's going to be tough to pull this one off. Maybe Bertholdi and Eiffel were steampunk alien hunters, side by side with vampire hunting Lincoln.
Paul Lewandowski
7. Snowkestrel
@kloud213 - So what are you saying? You wrote "no political motivations"...I understand the words individually, but the way you put them together makes no sense-that's unpossible.
James Davis Nicoll
8. HeavyWeaponsDalek
My only question is, if Lady Liberty is the biggest ol' Weeping Angel ever... What is the torch?
James Davis Nicoll
9. Doctor Thanatos
Better idea: Amy bravely tries to talk Angel of Liberty to death with her powers of cosmic cuteness and takes major damage (hence trailer shot of him carrying her limp bod) ; the kids (River and Doctor) donate energy to save her and at end of episode she transforms into gigantic Amy statue replacing dead angel on Liberty Island. Ongoing plot point: Mayor Bloomberg of New York has to deal with river traffic jockeying to get views from underneath 46 meter ultra-mini-skirt...
James Davis Nicoll
10. Ide Cyan
Insert Ghostbusters II reference here.
James Davis Nicoll
11. WOL
The Weeping Angels have got to be the most brilliant villians ever. "They don't kill you, they send you into the past and you live yourself to death." Bog, that man is brilliant. If the above spoiler is indeed the case, a certain amount of poetic justice there, what?

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