Jul 6 2012 4:15pm

12 Year Old Asks His Future Self if He Still Likes Doctor Who

We imagine a good lot of you have already watched “A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self,” an edit of Jeremiah McDonald responding to a tape he made as a 12 year old asking questions of his future self.

The conversation is just as you’d hope, hilarious and warm and surprising, but we were struck by a question posed by the 1992 version of Jeremiah near the end regarding whether they still liked Doctor Who in the future.

We won’t spoil the response, but wow, Jeremiah, nice bit of prescience on the Who front! Now we kind of want to see a conversation between you and your 25 year old self about the show’s revival.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and has an old videotape of itself from the 1970s using chemical rockets to blast off. So embarrassing!

Christopher Hatton
1. Xopher
I teared up when he talked about how he doesn't draw any more. But maybe I'm just kinda close to the edge these days.
Ian Johnson
2. IanPJohnson
@1: That one also broke my heart. Mostly because I imagined one day meeting my thirty-nine year old self and him telling me, no, we never became a writer, but we have a really nice job in managing a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.
3. Tumas-Muscat
1. Xopher

Same here, but in my case it's mostly because I think I would also have the same reply if my 12-year old self reminded me how much I loved to draw back then.
4. killerjello
I have watched this a few times and each time the kid impresses me with his rather well thought out antics. Something my wife saw right away was how much the grown up kid looks like the self portrait of Van Gogh on the wall behind him. It's uncanny.
6. denelian
stuff like is should be made more...

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