Jun 9 2012 12:00pm

You Can Own a Redshirts Shirt!

Just in at our Zazzle store: you can be part of the Intrepid crew with the new t-shirt based on John Scalzi’s Redshirts! Available in men and women’s sizes, we promise these shirts will keep you safe from the perils of intergalactic travel!

Wear it proud and find your fellow crew members: red is the future.

Men Women

Jeff Schweer
1. JeffS.
Can I get it in Blue instead? I am understandably leery of wearing a redshirt...
Jeff Schweer
2. JeffS.
I know, I know, but someone had to say it.
3. Xbob
You mean we have to pay to advertise for the book?!
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
4. tnh
Xbob: You're marketing yourself as a billboard? Good luck with that.
James Whitehead
5. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
#3Xbob, not really any different than my teenagers wearing American Eagle clothing or me walking through the mall with that Victoria Secret bag of my wife's - OK the second one if more for me to brag to the other husbands. ;-)

And if I buy this shirt, it will mean that I've enjoyed the book and while I don't wear clothes with manufacturer's names on them, I will always advertise the reading of books.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden
6. tnh
And I don't think the shirts are actually dangerous. It's not like they say ACME on them.
James Whitehead
7. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
You add the Wil E. Coyote seal of approval and you "...might as well build a fire & sing some songs..."

Jeff Schweer
8. JeffS.
As always, you cut to the quick. The shirts aren't dangerous in themselves, it's the events that sometimes surround them.
Besides, I just read the post about the non-redshirt deaths on Star Trek.
Blue isn't good either according to that.

ACME, selling Rube Golberg contraption equipment since the 1940's

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