Jun 23 2012 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Pencil Test” and “Day & Night”

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Pencil Test and Day & Night

Pencil Test: Long before Galyn Susman starred in The Movie Vanishes, she worked on this short using a Mac computer ad (I imagine) lots of patience and hard work. (3:03 minutes)

Day & Night: One of the reasons for Pixar’s success is that they know they are following a century old tradition of animated cinema. This film probably demonstrates it better than any others, while going somewhere not seen before. (5:51 minutes)


Pencil Test
by Galyn Susman


Day & Night
by Teddy Newton

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1. Desmond the theatrical version of Day & Night, the radio station didn't play music; it played an excerpt from a lecture by Wayne Dyer. I wonder why the change...
2. mutantalbinocrocodile
The change definitely isn't for the better. The theatrical version was a delight, but this version ends on a note that's way too didactic for my taste.

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