Jun 9 2012 10:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Beach Chair” and “Volume Visualization on Image Computer”

Volume Visualization on Image Computer: Before they became known for making films, Pixar’s bread and butter was selling high-end 3D computer visualization stations. This is a demo reel used to show the capabilities of the system. (6:01 minutes)

The Beach Chair: An early short done at Pixar while they were still testing the waters of filmmaking. (0:29 minutes)

Volume Visualization on Image Computer
by Pixar

The Beach Chair
by Pixar


And now, in the tradition of Pixar’s easter eggs and bonus content, a third film:
Knick Knack
by John Lasseter

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Autumn Greenley
1. NoQuestions
Very cool! Definitely going to be showing these to some of the people that I know that are just starting to pick up 3d animation.

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