Jun 7 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: The Perfect Chair for Your Secret Underground Lair

Maximo Riera’s Octopus Chair

You need this chair. It’s calling to the dark corners of your thoughts. You want to sip tea in it and plot the end of the world through the cunning use of fly paper. You and this chair could summon armies and probably figure out exactly what goes into the flavor blue raspberry. This chair will raise your I.Q. by at least 22.4 points.

Maximo Riera is responsible for this creation, and he has other animal chairs (rhino, elephant, and walrus currently, with beetle and whale on the way), but we’re pretty sure this is the classiest.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. All of the chairs aboard Stubby look like upside down Roman legionnaire helmets. The crew has never asked.

Daniel Goss
1. Beren
Do Want. Immagine doing the supervillian chair-turn in this thing. I don't care if it doesn't spin -- I'll make it spin.

"Ah, Mr. Bond. I see that you have made it past my terrifyingly inept henchmen. Now, however, you must face the true test. Behold . . . the back of my chair."
2. Nentuaby
You know, my mind went to exactly the same place as Beren's. Here you have a supervillain chair, one designed such that its most interesting design feature is on the back no less, and yet it's not designed to spin! Virtual malpractice.
3. TheMadLibrarian
The only appropriate fix is to have it mounted on a turntable so that it will spin, dammit!
Eeeexcellent. *taps fingers*
4. kim in va
Business in the front - mayhem in the rear ;-)

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