Jun 11 2012 6:30pm

On Our Radar: E.T. Phones Home, 30 Years Later, By Police Box

E.T. and the Doctor by Dame Eleusys on Deviant Art

Just in time for E.T.’s 30th anniversary (it’s today!) it seems as though our favorite childhood friend has figured out that there are easier ways to call the house (or hitch a ride for that matter). DameEleusys of DeviantArt gets even more points from us for that utterly flabberghasted look on Ten’s face. Be nice, Doctor. You might get to keep the flower.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby has no phones on board.

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David Goldfarb
1. David_Goldfarb
Although ET wouldn't need to say "ET phone home" to the Doctor, he could just talk in his own language.

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